Be More Mermaid E-course is Returning!


be-more-mermaid-relaunchBe More Mermaid is coming BACK to Rockstar Priestess!

The original deep dive, all in Mermaid Spirituality E-course is returning! It’s a 5 week re-working of my original Mermaid Experience Course I ran in 2015, pimped and primped and infused with more mermaid wisdom than before.

This baby is designed to plunge you into the realm of the mermaids: immerse you deeply in the lore and legends of mermaids, get you aligned with the rhythms of the moon and tide, and fully activate the Mermaid Archetype in your life and start listening to your badass inner mermaid. She’s there.

The archetype of the Mermaid is a deeply powerful expression of the wild feminine divine: she’s untamed and passionate and primal and raw and determined and beautiful. She’s everything that has been denied to us, everything the patriarchy tried to stamp out.

Power in Feeling.

Strength in Love.

Spirituality in Desire.

Sovereignty in Selfhood.

The power to Choose our own path, our own destiny, our own desires.

The Mermaid is so much more than just an expression of girly femininity: she is the root of our power as Women. Working with mermaids has changed my life and my perception of myself immeasurably, and nothing brings me back to my confident centre better than the mermaids do.

be-more-mermaid-shareableI’m so excited to delve back into the world of mermaids with you: to really dive deep into the mermaid archetype, discover what pearls of wisdom She has to share with us, then rock it out by living mermaid inspiration all day every day. I’m feeling long overdue for an all out mermaid immersion, and I am looking forward to floating in the turquoise waters with you.

If you would like to join me on a mermaid adventure, keep your eyes open as I will be launching the course next weeks! Join the Rockstar Priestess Mailing List to be the reminded of when the new course launches!

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