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be more mermaid challenge sharable

Are you a mermaid in human clothes?

Does something about mermaids set you spiritually ablaze?

Do you long for communion with other sea-souls who yearn for a life less travelled? 

Are you craving connection with people like you to soothe your sweet watery heart from constant exposure to other humans who don’t see things the way you do? 


Calling all would-be Mermaid Priestesses, ocean mystics, CEO’s of Seduction and Scorpio sirens.

The Mermaid Sisterhood is for you.

It’s a (totally free!) facebook group to join in sisterhood with other women who see the world like you do. Full of magic. Passion. Sacredness. Pleasure. Mermaid Pinterest boards.

It’s for all women who are wishing to be just a little more mermaid.

We talk mermaid values, life experiences, share inspiring articles and stuff we find on the net, support eachother in our mermaid lives, and share a LOT of awesome mermaid pictures.


Jump on over to Facebook and join us here.
We can’t wait to swim with you.

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