It’s an all out Capricorn party right now

Recently, I’ve gotten really into astrology.

Like, really. Pant pant. Rub the thighs. Making excuses for how I am feeling because of the planetary energies kinda thing.

I don’t know lots about it. Just enough to get excited.

Like right now. I’m excited.

We just had the New Moon in Capricorn (and we had a New Moon Mermaid Party ritual on my Facebook group the Mermaid Sisterhood: it’s our new monthly thing, you should join us here) which was exciting. New Moon in Capricorn is a wonderful time to focus on all things work and career, Capricorn being the ambitious, steady mer-goat of success. He’s truly the epitome of Slow and Steady wins the race. I dig Capricorn, as so many of my personal planets hang out there in my astrology chart.

However, it’s not just the moon! There is a whole bunch of planets who have been in Capricorn this January so far. It’s like he’s having a house party, and all the planets have come to his house to drink port out of large glasses and have sobering discussions about the economy. Capricorn is awesome, but he can be a bit heavy and serious, so if in January you have been feeling a little heavy and like everything is just hard work and perhaps you should just give up, you can blame it on Capricorn’s House Party.

Just saying.

However, the big news in the sky right now is Saturn. The planet Saturn is the dude of hierarchy, business, reality and gravity: he likes to keep it real. Like, starkly real. Harrowingly real. He’s the taskmaster of the Zodiac, and he is all about discipline and responsibility. No one likes him very much, because he is all about limits and restictions and is bit of a party pooper. He’s not the most fun to hang with, but he gives us interesting challenges to grow and transform in our lives.

Saturn’s a big chap, and he spends about two and a half years in each astrological sign. Until recently, he was hanging out in Sagittarius, and now he’s moved in to hang out in Capricorn in the next two years.

Which I have been watching keenly, because I have Saturn in Capricorn. I gotta know!

There is this big, scary thing that people in the astrology-inclined hippy community talk about called your Saturn Return. This is when Saturn returns to where it originally was when you were born, and it’s a Big Deal. It’s usually at the end of your twenties, and again in your late fifties, and is characterised by lots of challenges, growth, perception changes and stuff.

It’s like a cosmic rite of passage. Lots of people go through their Saturn Return having to face a lot of stuff they’ve been hiding from – relationships and businesses buckle, things you thought you knew about yourself turn out to be wrong, and Saturn casts his critical eye on wether you have been grown up enough to progress into the next stage of awesome adulthood.

It’s an exciting time for an avid shadow hunter. Saturn throws up all your blocks and limitations and challenges you to bust through them like a ninja. He’s like the ultimate personal trainer, and wants to kick your ass till you look like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Crunch, bitch!

Luckily for us, Saturn is the Ruler of Capricorn: basically, every planet has a sign they like to hang out in. A bestie, if you will. Saturn really likes hanging out with Capricorn, the most hardworking kid in the zodiac, as they share a lot of the same aims and qualities: goal obsessiveness, building success, and powerful discipline. He feels comfy there. They can read the New York Times and have a laugh over the funnies in their sharp suits together. He’s not as rough a taskmaster because Saturn and Capricorn are on the same team. They are zodiac soulmates!

So for the next couple of years, we all get the best of Saturn, challenging us to aim higher, do more, work harder and see delicious rewards. It’s time to work hard and Do the Thing.

Isn’t astrology facinating? It has a way of describing things, people and situations that really helps us understand and accept what’s going on at a deeper level without judgement. It’s not really a method of fortune telling, or of saying that our fate is written in the stars end of story (which is what I think people mistake it for: reading those lame generalised horoscopes in the tabloids that help no-one). It’s a system of describing things, a way of looking at situations, people and events with fresh non-judgemental eyes.

It’s the bomb.

Hope you’re enjoying Capricorn’s house party. Grab a glass of port and start networking, cos we are going to be here a while.

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