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FREE Rockstar Priestess Midwinter Magazine

Today I have a gift for you! Introducing the Rockstar Priestess Midwinter Magazine!!! Full of lots of seasonal articles and yummy inspiration for winter witchery. Basically, I’ve become obsessed with turning everything into magazines. Everything. I’m making myself a goal handbook magazine for 2017, and trying to find more excuses to while away my time formatting …

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Let’s Get Real: FAQ’s about Be More Mermaid

So to catch you up if you are just tuning in: I’m running Be More Mermaid, my updated course on Mermaid spirituality, this April. It’s my whole hearted, leave-nothing-out take on mermaid spirituality, where I teach the basics of living the mermaid archetype -embodying mermaid spirituality, walking the mermaid priestess walk – in the world …

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The true story of how mermaids turned me into a badass.

My story is a mermaid story. For years I have been searching for spiritual information about mermaids, trying to sate my hunger, but whatever I found was too… vague. Romanticised. Empty. Tame. It was frustrating. I figured it was because Mermaids are so elemental and changeable and secretive, like the ocean herself – no-one could …

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So Long 2015.

Here we are. The review of the year post. And ohmigosh am I glad 2015 is over. For me, it was a weird one filled with both intense highs and devestating, soul-breaking lows. I’m soooo glad it’s over. It’s hard to fully appreciate all the great stuff when you keenly remember the horrible moments. On …

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