Think crystal healing is crap? Crystals for utter sceptics

crystals for scepticsToday’s guest post is by the lovely certified Crystal Healer, Ruby Toad. I asked her to tell us sceptical hippies what all this crystal biz is about, why crystals work, and some simple stuff we can do with them. I know I keep finding myself buying freaking crystals but I just don’t understand why – how can a stone do anything magical? Why the hell do I keep wanting to buy these things?!

Take it away Ruby!


crystal healer

So there you are, just browsing through a shop, looking for nothing in particular when you spot it.

There on the shelf is a bowl of stones and there, right on top, is the stone.

You can’t take your eyes off it.

You can’t walk away.

It seems to beckon you.

You pick it up and it feels warm in your hand. Your mood seems to brighten and you feel…lighter. You shake your head and go to set the stone back in the bowl only to find you can’t. The idea of leaving it behind just doesn’t feel right. You go to the front, pay for your stone and stick it in your pocket.

You’re wondering:

Am I going crazy?

Did I really feel something when I picked up this stone?

Why can’t I put it down?

What am I supposed to do with it?

Let me answer those questions for you!

You are not going crazy.

I have been drawn to crystals and stones since I was a little kid. I remember spending hours digging through rock piles on my family’s farm, looking for treasures. Some would be examined and returned to the pile and others would be brought home and tucked under my pillow. I always found them comforting but didn’t know why. It wasn’t until I discovered crystal healing and became a certified crystal healer that I learned what was happening.

Yes, you really felt something

Crystals and Energy Fields

Crystals, like you and I, have an energy field. Everything has an energy field. Science can see and measure this energy and in fact, put it to use (think of the quartz crystals in your computers and time pieces). These energy fields can be measured just like science can see and measure our auras. (Google Kirlian photography for some great examples of this!) 

Crystals in particular have a perfect geometric structure to them. They essentially grow in perfect, repeating patterns.  The difference between our energy and that of crystals is in their stability. Because of their perfect repeating structure, crystals maintain their energy or frequency. We are not so perfectly patterned and our frequency is not stable. We go out of tune easily!

Now we talk physics. When we bring a crystal into our energy field we tune to it because when there are two frequencies, the lesser one will fall into resonance with the stronger, more stable frequency. This is called entrainment. Essentially, the crystals give us something to tune ourselves with.

So, when you were drawn to that crystal in the shop it was the energy of it that caught your attention. When you picked it up, it was the energy of it that you felt.

Everyone feels this differently. You may pick up a stone and find it’s very heavy but when you hand it to your friend they find it to be light. You may also feel a stone as hot or cold, or experience a buzzing sensation in your hand as you hold it. Sometimes you won’t physically feel anything but you will feel as if you can’t put it down.

You can put it down but you really, really don’t want too!crystal grid

What’s really cool is that our energy field knows what it needs and we will be drawn to the crystal or crystals that resonate with the frequency/energy that we need right now. 

It’s like walking into a store and finding the tool you need to complete a project. You go “right, I need that for such and such” and you take it home. The only difference here is that you may not consciously know what the crystal is going to help with or why you need it, but your energy does.

 You have the crystal, now what?

Congratulations! You listened to your intuition and brought that crystal home. Let’s get to work!

You can use crystals in so many different ways.

One of the easiest is to simple carry them around in your pockets (or your bra!). This works great with small tumbled stones that are not too delicate. Carrying them with you and holding them keeps them in your energy field so they can just do what they do. No extra effort is required on your part. I carry stones to help me feel more energized, relaxed, happy or protected. There are stones for everything you could possible need.

You can also take a few minutes to lie down with the crystal placed somewhere on your body (use your intuition, it will guide you). Just relax and let the crystal work in your energy. You may notice physical sensations such as heaviness, heat, cold, tingling, swirling or feelings of something leaving your body. These are the effects of your energy responding to the crystal. If you don’t feel anything don’t worry, it’s still working, you just aren’t able to physically feel it right now. After a few minutes you will feel everything settle again. Sit up slowly, stretch then go on about your day. Be sure to drink some water and stay hydrated. It will help you integrate the healing and release toxins from your system.

Maybe you came home with a big crystal sphere or a beautiful big chunky cluster that just won’t fit in your pocket. These larger crystals can be put to work on the energy of an entire room. Perhaps you were drawn to a crystal that will help bring harmony to your environment or that will clear negative energy from a room. Simply place these large stones in your home or office and they will do the work. I keep a large black tourmaline in my office space to clear away negative energies (and absorb electromagnetic radiation from my computer) and I keep a large amethyst in my bedroom to enhance dreams and intuition. You could try a rose quartz in your bedroom for love and relationships or carnelian in your studio for creativity or citrine in your living room for joy and happiness.

These are just a few ways to begin working with crystals and they are a great place to start.

There are lots of books and resources out there about crystals but as you explore and get to know crystals more you will find your intuition to be an invaluable tool. It will guide you to the right stones and methods of working with them, for you.

Trust your intuition then turn to books for confirmation or added insight.

Happy exploring!


Ruby toad crystal healerRuby Toad is a modern day medicine woman for your life and your soul. A Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer and gifted Intuitive she blends ancient wisdom and spirituality into powerful yet practical tools for daily life. She is passionate about helping people heal by reconnecting with their inner spirit and creating positive changes in their lives. Her driving desire is to teach people how to heal themselves. She does this through her spiritual coaching, reiki mentoring, intuitive readings and healing sessions.

When she’s not soothing souls and kicking butts (it happens!) she’s mothering her house full of boys and critters or off adventuring through the bush somewhere. You can find her online at and on social media (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook).

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