Cambridge Women’s Circle

Welcome to Cambridge Women’s Circle!


… you peel back the curtains of the red tent to feel the warmth of your sisters inside. Sisters, women from all walks of life, gather here to support and witness one another.

To be heard.

To speak their truth.

To support and be supported.

A Women’s Circle is for you if:

– you crave authentic connection and community with other women

– you wish to connect with the sacredness of the universe, to tune into the deeper undercurrents of life

– you need to be witnessed in your life’s experience, without being interrupted or managed or discounted

– you hunger for sacred space and ritual to honour and transform your life

What is a Women’s Circle?

A Women’s Circle is a gathering of women to honour, support and witness one another in their life. It’s a place where you can take sacred time for yourself, to be truly seen and witnessed and supported on your journey through life. A women’s circle is a place free of judgement, free of shame, full of love and laughter and support.

Women coming together in community to lift each other up.

Women taking time for themselves in their busy lives, to honour and connect with like-minded women.

What Happens at Women’s Circle?

Each circle starts with a grounding and centring practice, a short meditation and  group sharing, so every women has the opportunity to be heard and express herself. Then we delve into work around a theme – perhaps it could be about of expressing anger, celebration, pleasure, motherhood, self love, enjoying our body etc – that usually includes a simple short group ritual of some kind. We end with honouring our sisters and parting in love… and nibbles to share around!

February Women’s Circle – Self Love

Monday February 20th 2017, 7-9pm (please arrive promptly) 

in the Function Room at the Boathouse Pub, 14 Chesterton Road, Cambridge (there is parking round the back

This month, our theme will be self love. With Valentines Day behind the corner, we will be deepening into our relationship with the most important person in our lives – ourselves! – and share together in sisterhood. We will practice appreciating ourselves and and each other,

March 13th 2017  – Women’s Circle

The theme is undecided, but we will be coming together, sharing, and doing a short workshop on something fun.

April 10th 2017 – Women’s Circle

Theme is not decided yet.. BUT! lots of lovely sharing with our sisters.