Goddess Project Circle Cambridge


First Event: Monday 28th November, at Castle Street Methodist Church, Castle St, Cambridge CB3 0AH

Price: £9.50

I invite you to a sacred temple dedicated to the Goddess, as she exists in mythology and as she exists inside YOU.

Enter the temple. Be anointed with holy oils and embraced in sisterhood, as we come together as Sisters and Brothers to step out of time for just one evening and to descend into the Mystery.

Inhale the scent of the rose, the swirling smoking perfume of incense, as we settle into sisterhood to discover the inner wisdom of the Goddess as she lives in us and in the world.

Live Her wisdom: breathe Her light and embrace Her shadow, as we explore the many facets of the Goddess in our monthly sacred circles.


Monday 28th November

@ Castle Street Methodist Church, Castle St, Cambridge CB3 0AH

Price: £9.50

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

This November we will be deepening into the mystery of Hestia, the Greek Goddess of the Hearth. Hestia was a powerful goddess in the Greek pantheon, and was the essence of Sanctuary. She was an important part of the home life of most greek house holds, and held an important position in the Pantheon.

Hestia represents the qualities of serenity, security, gentleness, introversion and centered-ness. In our two hour class with Hestia, we will learn about the Goddess and bathe in her serene energy. We will look at ways we can relax into our centre, discuss ways of creating a feeling of sanctuary in our homes this coming December, and perform guided meditation and ritual to deepen into Hestia’s energy.

Payment: £9.50 in advance, £10 on the door


Who is the Goddess?

The Goddess is the feminine principle of the divine. Unlike patriarchal ideals and theology, the Goddess is not separate from us and this world: She is us, She is this world. The path of the Goddess is the path of finding the divine within ourselves, of finding sacred wisdom and inspiration in every part of our every day lives, and acknowledging every part of nature as sacred – the good and the bad.

Everyone is Goddess. Everything is Goddess.

What happens in a Goddess Project Circle?

In circle we explore the many faces and stories of the Goddess from cultures around the world – Goddesses such as Hecate, Yemaya, Chang O, Aphrodite… and we use those faces and stories to learn and discover things about ourselves, practical advice for our lives, and to snuggle close to the sacred.

Every month we work with a new Goddess, take time to explore her mythology and stories, and do spiritual work inspired by that Goddess. Some months we may create sacred space for guided meditation and ritual: some months we may create space for emotional release, or self love practices, for crafting exercises or for dance. Each month is different as we explore a different Goddess.

Come and join us as we take time out of time to study the ancient mysteries of the Goddess as expressed through her many many incarnations.