Morgan le Fey Pilgrimage November 2016

Morgen le Fey Pilgrimage Day

A one-day pilgrimage in honour of Morgan le Fey.

November 20th 2016, 10-4pm

I invite you to a twilight-soaked day spent in meditation and pilgrimage to the witchy Goddess of Avalon, Morgan le Fey.

Can you smell the incense, sister? Can you seethe candlelight flickering over the silver chalice of the Lady of Avalon, smell the scent of the sacred herbs of lavender and mugwort, hear the call of the sacred land to come together in communion? Can you feel the presence of Morgana, the shapeshifting, fey sorceress of Avalon as she dances through the autumn branches and wild November winds?

Come together in sisterhood and brotherhood to honour and immerse in the mysteries of the multifaceted goddess Morgan Le Fey for one day. Walk her sacred pathways in the hallowed hills of Glastonbury Avalon, in the twilight of the year, and soak up the energy of Her land.

Morgen le Fey is the enigmatic Lady of Avalon, head of the Sisterhood of Nine, keeper of the mysteries of the Chalice. She is mistress of the shadows, guardian of the pathways between the realms, the Goddess of the Twilight. On this one-day pilgrimage, we will be coming together to learn and share about Morgen le Fey, immerse in her legends and mythology, and luxuriate in her energy and presence.

For this day, we will be honouring Morgen le Fey in her aspect as the Sovereign Goddess and as the High Priestess of Avalon – keeper of veiled mysteries, bearer of the Chalice.

Schedule for the Day:

Venue: the Nolava Room in the Goddess House, Glastonbury:

Goddess House
Magdalene Street

9:30am: Optional Early-Morning Sacred Space

Join me nice and early if you like to settle into sacred space at the Temple. Your time to meditate, play, nap, read tarot cards and enjoy being in Temple Space.

10am-12:30am: Workshop Time

– Opening Ritual and Anointing

– Talk and presentation on Morgen le Fey, Sovereign Goddess of Avalon.

– Mediation in honour of Morgen le Fey

– Dancing the Goddess Morgen le Fey: Movement Meditation and Mudhra

– Learning Chants and Songs to honour Morgen le Fey

12.30pm – 1.30pm Lunch

1:30pm: Pilgrimage on the land.

We will walk the sacred landscape of Glastonbury Avalon, looking for Morgana in the mists, in the trees, in the hollow hills and valleys, chanting in Her honour and opening ourselves to insights from Her.

We will pop into Chalice Well to drink Her holy waters and to honour Her as the bearer of the Chalice. (Chalice well entrance fee not included: It’s £4.20)

We will finish our day with a procession up the Tor at twilight (4pm) and a meditation and prayer on top of the Tor to sink into Morgen’s energy at her most potent time.


The price for this full day of Morgan le Fey loveliness is:

In Advance: £18.

On the Door: £25



What should I bring with me?

Bring walking boots and warm waterproof clothing for tramping around on the muddy landscape. If you can, wear shades of purple, sapphire, violet, silver, midnight blue and indigo for the workshop.

Are men welcome?

Yes of course!

Any recommendations for other stuff to do in Glastonbury?

On November 19th Kathy Jones is running a 10 hour meditation to the Lady of Avalon that will be sublime: I really recommend going along. I’m going to go, and that is the reason the Morgana Pilgrimage day involves lots of walking the land and movement meditation and mudhra and stuff.

How do I pay if I don’t have a Paypal account?

You don’t need a paypal account to pay using paypal, just a debit or credit card. It’s safe and easy!