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LIVE COURSE: November 6, 7th and 8th 2017

Wonderful folk!

Join us in our celebration of Void Season: AKA, Samhain to Yule.

Right now, as nature dies away, as the leaves rot beneath our feet, as the branches are slowly bleached to bone and the earth grows hard and frozen, we are entering the Time of Death.

At Samhain, the Wise Woman reigns supreme: She who sees the big picture, She who holds the keys to the underworld. At Yule, we meet the Winter Goddess, the goddess of Death itself – she who is the Void, the stillness, the emptiness. She who is nothing.

At Samhain, the old year passes through the threshold of death: at Yule, the new year begins to be reborn.

This whoooooollleee adventurous period between Samhain and Yule is ripe for shadow work, letting go, peeling back old hurts and habits and possessions and letting them go into the void.

It’s like a black hole for releasing all your cosmic junk.

Exciting huh?

Well, it excites me. A LOT.

Which is why I am inviting you onto this simple three-day journey to learn how to work with this Void Season, inspired by and guided by my guardian goddess, Morgan le Fey.

Morgan le Fey, in her archetype of Queen of the Underworld and of Avalon, Isle of Death, presides at all times of transitions: all times where we reach beyond the veil, where we draw on magic to enchant a new reality, all times when we lift the mirror to look our demons in the eyes.

She will help us use Void Season to our best advantage.

So come join me for a little shadow work, a little letting go, and a little sorcery this November.

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How is it delivered?

Every day for three days starting the 6th November, I send you an email with your course materials. I haven’t decided if it will be written or video yet, we shall see! Each day will have a lesson to do with shadow work and The Void, and a witchy assignment to do.

Then, you come on over to the Mermaid Sisterhood, my free Facebook community, and we can have a good ol’ chat about it, and tell us about your experiences!

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