How To Grow Your Abundance With The Mother Goddess

bring abundance into your lifeToday, we are looking at taking practical action to grow your abundance using a little divine assist from the Mama Goddess.

The Goddess’ universe is an abundant universe. In her world, there is no lack, there is always enough for everyone. Everything gets what it needs to survive  – trees, rabbits, brambles, antelope – everything. It’s just how the world is set up. The Mama Goddess is all about nourishing and supporting and looking after you, and the universe is constantly responding to you, helping you as much as you will let it.

That’s all very well in theory, but sometimes it really feels that the universe is not an abundant place at all, and that actually it is a crap place that wants you to be poor forever. You think all this abundance-is-the-way-of-the-world stuff is total bollocks and see that struggling and striving is just how the world works, and all those law of attraction hippies should just freaking grow up.

To start actually believing in this abundance stuff, you need some proof that it’s not just fantasy.

(And it’s OK to want proof! It doesn’t make you less spiritual to want proof.)abundance sunflower petal altar

So we are going to go proof-hunting.

If you want something to grow, you have to pay attention to it. If you plant some carrot seeds, if you don’t pay attention to them they get swallowed up by weeds and turn into weedy little yellow things. (I know. I’m a terrible gardener.) However, if we spend a little time every day in our garden, looking after our carrots, putting horse poo on them and making sure they get enough light, we get tasty awesome carrots! Yum!

This works in all parts of our life too. If we pay attention to how incredible our partners are, then we tend to get an increasingly awesome partner – the universe is giving us more of what we are paying attention to. If we spend our attention on hula hooping, we get better at hula hooping. If we spend our attention on our dire finances, then all we can see is more and more dire finances and we don’t have any space to see the good stuff.

If we pay attention to how generous the universe is though, we can see proof of how the universe is always supporting us, that it is a helpful and abundant place. You just gotta do a little proof collecting.

And then, as soon as we start seeing the universe as an abundant place, it has permission to sweep in and support us. It’s true.

This is a habit I picked up at the start of the Lammas season, and it freaking rocks.

Abundance Proof-Collecting Practice

Get a notebook or a piece of paper, and start noticing all the abundance in your life.

  • Every time money comes into your life, write it down. This covers paychecks, money you find on the street, gifts from family – any money you get goes down.
  • Every time you get a present, put it on there too – your friend buys you a pint at the pub, your partner gets you a takeaway, someone buys you a t-shirt from the charity shop – put it on there.
  • Every time you get free stuff, put it on there – a taster slice of free cake from the patissiere, cosmetic samples from the department store, free apples (this happens to me A LOT).

The more proof you find, the more you believe that the universe is abundant, and the more permission the Universe has to help you out and give you more abundance. Win win!

My Experience

My abundance journal
My abundance journal!

The first time I saw this, I was all, this will only depress me as I will have nothing to put on there, but I’ll give it a go. Then I went to Glasto for priestess training for a week, and in that week I received free crystals, corsets, dinners, peaches from the market, accommodation, necklaces, all sorts. It was incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many presents.

After that, I have been so aware of how much the universe wants to take care of me. I write everything down – when my partner does the foodshopping for me, when I find a cluster of 2p’s in an old trouser pocket, when I get the odd £7 from dance class, when a friend buys me a packet of crisps and when I get to take out books from the library.

And some weird stuff has happened.

You know how people say “oh, I started doing this law of attraction nonsense, and then I suddenly started receiving refunds from bill companies and presents from distant friends?” and you scoff and think that’s never going to happen to you?

This month I received a late birthday present in the post from a friend (a £20 voucher to my favourite make-up shop in the world! Best present ever!) and a weird refund of nearly £200 on my gas and lecky bills.

Have a go, find some proof that the universe is an abundant place.rockstar priestess

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