FREE Rockstar Priestess Midwinter Magazine

Today I have a gift for you!

Introducing the Rockstar Priestess Midwinter Magazine!!! Full of lots of seasonal articles and yummy inspiration for winter witchery.

Basically, I’ve become obsessed with turning everything into magazines. Everything. I’m making myself a goal handbook magazine for 2017, and trying to find more excuses to while away my time formatting and putting pretty pictures together.

So I was writing my yule newsletter, and it was turning into a bit of an epic novella because I had SOOOO much to share about winter. Yule is one of my favourite seasons (it’s not as if I say that every season or anything…) and I am so excited to share with you some of my favourite midwinter practices and obsessions.

It would be cool if I was able to regularly make a magazine, full of seasonal info, how-tos and rituals for Sisters of the Goddess… but my plan for 2017 is to go easy on myself, so we will see if it’s able to happen! For now, snap up this baby and enjoy!

Excitement personified! You can click on the image above right to the magazine – right click and select “Save Link As” to save it directly to your computer.


This season’s issue includes:

– Ideas of how to celebrate the solstice season
– Mermaid advice on how to approach New Years Resolutions
– An Avalonian deepening with the Goddess Argante of Avalon…
– … and a FREE guided midwinter mediation to connect with her
– A closing ceremony for 2016
– About Yule as the Festival of Air…

… and a couple of other yummy things.

Best thing? It’s free!!!!

So click below to access your Magazine and Midwinter Meditation.



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