Introducing SPELLBOUND: our bewitching business n’ spirituality retreat in Glastonbury

I’ve been keeping a fabulous witchy secret from you guys…

Myself and my co-conspirator, the magical business and marketing coach Kris Oster, have been a-brewing something so delicious, so immersive and so exciting, I’ve been in a constant state of excitement for the last couple of months

Something so steeped in magic and joy and incense and Avalon, I can’t even.



Calling all entrepreneurial witches and enchantresses!

Kris and I want to invite you to the magical island of Glastonbury Avalon for a two day witchy AF business and marketing retreat – a weekend of diving deep into archetypes, magic and marketing to craft your next six months to year in business in true enchantress style – through visions, through ritual, through pleasure and walking the mists of Avalon.

Because, fuck patriarchal marketing. Fuck separating our spiritual lives and our business lives. Fuck trying so hard to prove ourselves as business owners by some outdated old businessman framework.

We are witches, priestesses, enchantresses. We need to seek our business vision from within, to birth from pleasure and play, to take up the crown of our own sacred kingdom and say, “This – This is how things are going down”. We need to release ourselves from the way we should be doing things and come together in sisterhood to remember there is ANOTHER WAY: thorough blending our magical lives with our work, through going ourself permission to play full out in our archetypal essence.
Cos, you know my mate Kris? She’s all about the archetypes. Kris is some kind of mermaid-souled marketing badass who has worked with all kinds of fancy pants folks like Disney and all sorts. This combo of biz and spirituality is her life’s work, and she truly both lives it and holds such a magical space for us to birth our dreams.

That’s her hot face right there.

And Me? Well, never in a meeeelion years did I ever think I’d be going in halfsies on a marketing retreat… but I have all your witchy priestessing needs sorted. I will be in the business of making this weekend as sacred as possible: of telling tales of sovereign queens, hallowing our rooms with scent and smoke, crafting rituals to anchor your archetype and keeping our whole time together as witchy and high-vibe as possible…

… and, you know, having the best time ever traipsing over sacred hills and valleys and stuff.

Together, Kris and I we will lead you in taking on the mantle of becoming the rose-scented Sovereign Queen of your sacred work, and use the sacred archetypes to uncover how you can play at your fullest.

But what does that even meeeeeeean though?

It means we will enter two days of incense-soaked business questing, drumbeats deep in the sacred landscape, rituals with fresh red roses to embody your sovereign essence, sacred marketing strategy to get you fired up and hot for your biz.

It means we will be diving deep into what it means to embody the Feminine in our business and our day to day lives – to stop trying  to play like the big boys and instead breathe out into our magnetic femininity.

We are designing the whole weekend like one magical spell – a beautiful, crazy powerful spell to be cast in the sacred cauldron of Avalon, to transform our businesses into vehicles of divine feminine strength, play, joy and pleasure – to step into the brave lands of allowing ourselves to do it differently, to truly be a channel for the archetypes shining through us.

Imagine coming together with your visionary sisters to dream a new vision for your business future. Imagine tearing down all the boundaries between work and spirituality – imagine taking your business guidance from the gods and your guides, rather than whichever business coach shouts loudest on your Facebook feed.

Imagine having a clear plan of how to rock this magical you in the business world, the support of Kris and I to find your way there… and having the resources to help you when you falter, when you forget who you are, when doubt wells up from within.

Part of the retreat is a magical thing I am creating (because I am a graphics design nerd) called The Spellbook – it’s our grimoire containing our magical business plans, turn ons and strategic seductions, full of spells, meditations, rituals and guidance to turn to when stuff gets rough, when we need to recommit, when we need a reminder to play. When we have left our sacred isle of sisterhood and are back in the trenches and Voldemort has us up against a wall without a wand, we can turn to our Spell book to remind us of our mission and beauty, and find a spell to cast to get us out of that mess.

And, of course, the magic of meeting other magically-minded entrepreneurs, who can help and support you and be your pleasure cheerleaders along your journey.

Basically, this weekend is gonna be witchy AF, and I think you deffo want in, right?


Registration is OPEN, so if this whole escapade just sounds too pants-wettingly exciting to miss (and I assure you, it flipping well is), hop on over to this link here to learn more about the retreat, our schedule and to register. 

Remember, spaces are limited: we want to keep a tight coven of witchy business queens for this event, so if you are tantalised and hot to trot, join us!

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