I Invite You to Be More Mermaid: Read On for Secrets of my Signature E-course!

My awesome archetypal e-course, Be More Mermaid, is open for enrolment for the next week!

Three reasons this is exciting news:

  • Because this is the first time THIS YEAR I have run this course… and maybe the only time (…let’s be real, I’m a little disorganised and there are soooo many new things I want to create, shiny idea syndrome for real)
  •  Because it means you can spend the next couple of months with me in a magical summer camp by the glittering ocean invoking and tending your wild, powerful mermaid self (who will totes blow your mind)
  •  Because mermaids are pretty much the most exciting, powerful and underestimated female archetype ever. Pinterest might be all Mermaid Hair This and Mermaid Toast That, but we are all Mermaid DESTROY THE PATRIARCHY RAAAAGGGGH

Be More Mermaid was the first big e-course I made for Rockstar Priestess back in 2014 (!) and its been taken by over 40 participants so far who LOVED the magical mermaid badassery we bring home in this course, RELISHED the woman-power work, and LIT UP with breakthroughs about play and femininity.

As I’ve figured stuff out and worked out what I’ve been meaning to say, the course has grown and been edited and evolved to become the six week coven experience it is today, packed full with meditations and videos and spell books and group chats and all sorts.

Be More Mermaid is a course about mermaids.


It’s not what you think.

Here’s a story for you.

The thing about people who love mermaids and a lot of stuff about mermaids in new age world is that it’s very un-grounded – in fact, the less you are connected to the Real World the more points you seem to get.

A lot of mermaid stuff seems to be geared to escape our current reality – to hide in a sparkly unicorn-coloured world of love and glitter that, harsh truth, doesn’t exist in our physical reality. It hides in softness and sweetness, fantasy and imagination, and never quite creates the bridge to the real world.

A lot of people are repulsed by the Game Of Thrones nature of our world, and don’t see how magic and love and beauty and mystical unicorn-sprinked goodness could ever exist in the same place as Donald Trump and Greenfell Tower.

I’m not. I’m on board with how the world runs on the dirty, shameless sex-smell of money and power – I like to be grounded in reality, able to make things happen in physicality. (My astrological chart has four planets in Capricorn, so, explained.) I don’t like to escape – I like to be here, in reality, experiencing the crazy ride that is human life on this planet.

(via GIPHY. Joffrey gets it. Shudder.)

(I think this is one of the reasons I’ve never really gone for the whole being an incarnated mermaid thing, even though all my psychic friends are adamant that I am one. It feels like an escape to me.)
Just because the world is dirty, it doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful.

If we stay spacey, we can’t bring the mermaids into this world – we can’t make a huge fucking difference in our practical lives and the lives of others. If we are not willing to get our hands dirty, make tough decisions and get involved with the Lannisters and the Greys and the Baratheons of the world, we can’t make any changes – we can’t bring the Divine Feminine into incarnation, we can’t fully ground the wild, delicious energy of the mermaids into the planet.
So, in Be More Mermaid, I teach you how to create that bridge between the mermaid world and the human one using the magic of archetypes.

An archetype is an energy blueprint or pattern, something that exists cross cuturally. In Be More Mermaid, we are all about bathing ourselves in the energy of the mermaids – literally! As an every day practice! – in order to invoke our inner mermaidness and let it swim to the surface.

Everyone has trace amounts of every archetype in them – the Lover, the Warrior, the Emperor, the King, the Fool, the Beggar – and through paying attention to, honouring, and soaking in the energy of an archetype, we feed it in ourselves and it grows and becomes more powerful.

We bring the wild seduction of the mermaid realm to this human one through ourselves – we are that channel.

We literally Become More Mermaid. It’s a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin kinda game.

Be More Mermaid is all about embodying the spirit and energy of the mermaids, and seeing how it transforms our lives…

… and dude, the mermaids have taught me a LOT about how to stop living like a frightened anxious human and start living like a wild, carefree mermaid. By running mermaid energy, I became more fearless, I learnt to love myself more, to embrace my sexuality, start having fun (! How can learning to have fun be so hard!), start valuing myself and begin to own the things I really wanted in life (you can read my story about it here if you are curious)


The energy of the mermaids is wild and unpredictable. Like the ocean, it flows and changes – it takes the path of least resistance, but is capable of tearing down your old life and preconceptions. As a facet of the Divine Feminine, the Mermaid teaches us to fall in love with our femininty, to relax and be less anxiously human. She teaches us about seduction, desire and our uncontrollable urges – she summons us to look at our shadows and accept them.

The Mermaid does not ask you to be perfect – and I think this has been the hugest, most healing revelation in my work with them. Mermaids may be a part of the Divine Feminine, but they are not perfect – they get crazy angry and do things they probably regret, they hold onto grudges and overreact to arguments and are too lazy to get stuff done sometimes.

But then, they are elementals. They are not angels!

Once I realised, with the help of the mermaids, I didn’t have to be perfect – that, like the mermaids, I could be both wildly charming and delicious AND have a temper like a volcano and get things wrong some of the time (errrrr… lots of the time) I felt like I could really begin to love and support myself. I felt like I could really be on my own team, and stop guilting myself for not being perfect.

I could have compassion for those parts of my personality I was not so keen on. I could accept them as a part of my Mermaid Nature, and thus, they became OK by me.

In fact, having some imperfect, passionate aspects to my personality was…. kinda thrilling.

Kinda dark and sexy and shameless.

Like some kind of mysterious Femme Fatale, or, like some kind of mermaid overtaken by the passion of her murky past. A little bit of film noir drama to add a cinematic tempest to my otherwise even keel existence.



Point being, the mermaids teach everyone what they need in their lives. They might currently be teaching me about the integration of the shadow and love for my inner douchebag – but in the past, they have guided me through learning how to feel worthy and give me permission to spend money on myself (and I mean like £1 for a chocolate bar on the way home, or not to buy the cheapest sandwich, or to buy flowers because I like them and not feel guilty for “wasting” money on my happiness and pleasure for the next week). They’ve taught me that having fun and playing is the most basic pre-requisite for living well there is. They taught me to listen to my intuition, and showed me that, actually, I’m pretty intuitive and witchy – I’ve just been pretending I am not.

They could teach you something completely different – transform your life in a totally different way.

The only way to know what you look like if you fully unleash the mermaid in you is if you join us and find out.

Are you willing to dive into the shimmering ocean with us, through turquoise waters and tempestuous seas, to discover the radiant, wild divine mermaid who lurks in the depths of your soul?


Be More Mermaid is open for registration until Wednesday the 17th July and that’s it: so if you want to jump in, do it quick before the pool closes. I invite you to Click Here to learn more about it.

For the next seven days, in celebration of registration being open for Be More Mermaid, I declare MERMAID WEEK – seven days of mermaid content and partying.

If you don’t want to miss it, join the mailing list below!

(You will also get my Freebie Mermaid Retreat Kit – a delicious mermaid meditation and pdf to help you start wooing your inner mermaid nature.)


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