Mermaid Gossip! Rocky P Interview about… MERMAIDS!

Earlier this month, I was interviewed by the gorgeous Ellie over at The MerPriestess Youtube Channel. We talked all things mermaid: about what mermaid spirituality is, about whitewashing the divine feminine, about the power of mermaids as spiritual beings and inspiration, about getting to that love-and-light zone… it was so much fun!

It was my first video interview experience, and it was great – I think partly because Ellie is just so lovely.

Watch it not only to get your mermaid-spirituality hit, but also added bonus scenes where you get to see me to see me drink TEA! find a PLUG SOCKET! and admire my BOUNCY FRINGE!

(Fringe is English for Bangs, my American friends)

It’s a longun’ but a goodun, so pop it on in the background as you tidy your office, clean your keyboard, or pop on the bus to work.

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