Get To Know The Mother Goddess

Here we are at the time of the Harvest and of the Great Mother Goddess, who is the gorgeous loving earth that creates and nurtures us. We are at the Full Moon part of the year’s cycle, when the earth is full and pregnant and at the height of it’s glorious abundance.

Ancient statue of the Mother GoddessMother Goddess Loves You. Completely, totally, unconditionally. She will love you no matter what you do, no matter how much you mess up. To Her, you will always deserve her love. Even if you do something truly horrible, Mother Goddess will still be there to hold you. She will forgive all your mistakes and faults and hug away the pain. She doesn’t care. She thinks you are perfect just the way you are, and always will.

She will always see your shining light and potential and believes in you one hundred thousand percent. I find this so incredibly comforting and inspiring as a dream chaser. Even when others say you can’t do something, Mother Goddess has got your back and believes that you can. Even when you have completely lost faith in yourself, Mother Goddess is there supporting you, believing in you and knowing that you can do it. Goddess wants your dreams to come true just as much as you do.

She is the great creatrix – she is the essence of this world, and everything in it is created by her. She is so abundant and has no lack – every plant and blade of grass in this world has exactly what it needs to survive, every creature perfectly adapted to suit it’s environment. Everything is in the right place at the right time. Everything is provided for.

Mother Goddess Bridget StatueShe asks us to let go of the idea that life has to be a struggle. You don’t see trees freaking out about when the sunlight is going to come back. They just trust. We don’t need to freak out either.

There is nothing that Mother Goddess will not help you with, will not provide for you, but she’s a bit like our real mums in that sense – she can’t help you unless you ask, and she can’t help you if you don’t let her. You have to be honest about the help you need and open up to the idea that She is willing to give it to you. You have to remember that’s it’s OK to accept help (just like if you feel weird accepting help from your parents because you feel like you should be totally independent by now), that She wants to help you (just like your parents when they help you out. They don’t have to. They do it cos they love you.) and that you deserve her help.

We are really good about putting all these blocks in the way of receiving help, thinking that we don’t deserve it or shouldn’t need it because we are grown ups now and should be able to do everything ourselves. That’s just not how anything works.

Goddess wants to help you and give you stuff. She wants to look after you. She is always on your side, on your team, and wants to help you create a life that you love.  I had a big experience with the generosity of the Goddess when I spent my Lammas weekend in Glastonbury receiving all kinds of incredible gifts – crystals, shells, dinners, clothes, fruit, cd’s, flowers, places to stay, all sorts! It really helped me to see that the universe/Goddess really is abundant and wants to make us happy. She really does want to help us out and show us how loved we are.

More than anything, like any perfect Mama, Goddess wants you to be happy, to know you are loved and special and wanted and needed in the world.


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