How to Pick Your Perfect Word Of The Year

Every January, I like to pick a Word of the Year.

A Word of the Year sets the intention for how you want to experience 2017 – what you want it to look like and feel like and be saturated with. It’s a Core Desired Feeling that states the intent of what you want your life to feel like. It’s a one word magical invocation of the life you want to lead.

Your word becomes your anchor, your reminder, your guide to create a year you love.

It’s like the Theme Song of the year.

(P.S: I think picking a theme song of the year is also a pretty good idea.)

Usually, because I am greedy, I pick more than one word of the year. Muahahaha.

Why use a Core Desired Feeling?

Cribbing from Danielle la Porte’s fab Desire Mapping process, the point of having a Word of the Year, or a Core Desired feeling as she calls it (in my mind, it’s basically the same thing) is to make a simple, obvious guidepost to creating goals that will make you feel that way – since the only reason we have goals is because we covet how we think we will feel when we get there, right? Successful. Fulfilled. Satiated.

Here’s and example. You have a goal of booking three gigs every weekend, because that’s what successful people do and  you want to feel successful. You get all your gig bookings in (great!) but instead of feeling cool and successful you feel EXHAUSTED and overwhelmed all the time. You spend all your weekends on public transport and you are miserable.

It’s because you chased a GOAL instead of a FEELING. If you want to make sure you feel successful, you have to get really clear on what that means to YOU. To me, success looks like having a beautiful flat with a teal sofa and vintage crockery, receiving so many fun well-paying propositions at work I get to say NO to half of them, and having a swinging social life with lots of salsa dancing and movie nights. Success for me is about having a balance between fun work and a social life, not about working myself to exhaustion.

Perhaps there would be a better word to encapsulate what I REALLY want when I think of the success I want to create.

When you have found the word that perfectly describes the way you want to feel, huzzah! You have a super-clear vision of your desired outcome for the year. You can now use your word to help you decide what to spend your energy on this year. You know the exact outcome you are after, so now it’s super easy to only do things that lead to that outcome.

If your word of the year is Nomad, your priority is going to be travel. Spending money on that new sofa is not gonna help you feel the way you want to feel!

If your word of the year is Pure, it might be not be time to pursue that stressful promotion at work. You might want to focus on your meditation and diet game this year.

If your word of the year is Fearless you are all about getting yourself out of your comfort zone – so maybe going for that promotion is the way to go!

Inspiration for your Word of the Year


Sometimes it can be hard to find the right word! here is a list of over 100 words to jump-start your inspiration.

Got your Word?

The next step is to figure out what you could do to ensure you feel that way.

Intent is nothing without action! Part two of your word-of-the-year adventure is brainstorming ways that you could manifest that feeling into your life.

What choices could you make to, say, enhance Peace this year?

What habits could you adopt to bring more Excitement to your life?

How would you approach your work life if Seduction was your word of the year?

Creating your Word of the Year is so much fun! If you get it right, it’s like making a magical spell – it throws the universe into action, and helps you to manifest what you really, truly desire.

Free Step-By-Step Guide to Finding Your Word Of The Year!

I have created a super sexy bejewelled PDF guide to take you step by step through the hallowed process of choosing your perfect Word of the Year, full of tips and tricks to make sure that you pick the most potent powerful word possible.

Be warned though, it’s kinda like the bad-girls guide to picking a word of the year… here to view, or right click and select “Save Link As” to download it!

My Words of 2016

This last year my words were Electric (as I wanted to be super excited and jazzed up) Sisterhood (because I was longing for it) Fun (because I was sooooo done with overworking and punishment) Shameless (because I wanted to be more visible in my work n’ career and this sounded like a fun way to do it) and Expensive (because I love love looooove feeling expensive).

These words were the bomb. I kinda wanna keep them. Throughout this year I started working on projects and collaborations that made me feel passionate and excited and Electric – an awful breakup made me realise and see the powerful Sisterhood I had gathered around me and how I had the world’s best girlfriends – I actually started to make Fun a priority, going to cabaret shows and parties and, like, having a LIFE (holler to all my self employed hermits out there) and as a result my creativity exploded – 2017 was the year I gave myself permission to be Shameless enough to follow my dream to become a Burlesque Dancer and started tearing up the internet writing my authentic truth, even though it terrified me –  and this last year, I was Expensive enough to add to my french lingerie collection, give myself life’s little pleasures as default (Lush bubble baths, luxury food ingredients, and fine fragrance baby) and it felt brilliant.

My Words of 2017

You know, I haven’t finished the process yet. As I said above, it takes time collecting words and figuring out which ones are perfect. The ones I am being pulled towards at the moment are Seductress, because it helps me look life and business from a pleasure filled, enticing, inviting edge, rather than that endless gross hustle I often find myself lost in, and I really need that reframe. Seductress feels kind of amoral (which I dig) and I feel like a Venusian Superheroine when I say it.

The other word I am flirting with is Pleasure, because I need to keep the fun thing going – pleasure describes a more decadent, present, orgasmic, heady, selfish kind of fun which I am hankering for.

I’m still hunting for my other words. I might keep Expensive and Sisterhood this year, because they are so great, and I am so pulled to the world Infamy, because, you know, it sounds like fun! It’s like Shine’s rockstar little sister.

Have you decided on your Word of the Year? Share it in the comments!

Did you use my Word of the Year guidebook? Share your experience in the comments! 

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