Registration for Morgan le Fey Mystery School is Open!

Hurrah Hurrah! Here is my little Samhain Treat for you all.

Morgana has been my guiding deity for donkey’s years. She has been the Initator that set me on my priestess path: the Underworld Guide who saw me through my spiritual shame: the Dark Teacher who taught me how to recognise my anger: the Mirror who showed my my authentic self, and the pushy Mama who would not settle for me being any less than everything I was.

She has been a huge inspiration for me, and the reason for ALLLL of this priestess work I am doing today.

This Samhain Season I am opening registration for my new e-course, Morgan Le Fey Mystery School.

It’s a devotional e-course in honour of the Sovereign Goddess, Morgan le Fey. For four weeks, we will journey together into Her mists and come into communion with who She is: we will open our hearts to Her in Ritual, honour Her in Prayer, seek Her out in the sacred landscape, learn about Her history and legends, and open to Her influence on our lives.

My thing at the moment is Devotion. To me, Devotion is the way to enact Change. Devotion is the way to connect. It’s just like with a love relationship, or a friend: the more time you spend with them, thinking about them, sending them silly snapchats of dogs you meet that made you think of them, the closer you become.

So, for one lunar month, we are going to immerse ourselves in Morgan le Fey energy.

We will honour Her in the Twilight. We will speak Her name at the Dawn.

We shall learn Her Mysteries, and listen to Her wisdom.

We shall see what She has to teach us as Initiatrix, High Priestess, Sorceress and Queen. We shall open ourselves to Her Influence, and see what She has to whisper to us through the veils.

For four weeks, I will guide you in devotional practices, and introduce you to the Mysteries of Morgan le Fey – and remember, a Mystery is something that must be experienced to be known and understood.

Every week I will send you a beautiful PDF document full of information, prayers, devotional assignments and exercises to connect you with Morgan le Fey.

You will also have an MP3 Meditation each week, to guide you in connecting with Morgana in Her sacred landscape of Avalon….

…. and each week, there will be a Ritual to help you connect with her energy and build a relationship with Her. Two of the rituals will be live ones with me over video (there will be recordings!) and two will be written for you to do in your own time.

It’s going to be a magical month.

If you fancy joining us, pop on over here to learn more and to sign up.

ALSO a halloween treat, cos I love you so: next week we will be doing a mini three-day course called Walking the Void with Morgan le Fey, in-between the 6th and the 8th of November, in celebration of the Morgan Mystery School. I love the season between Samhain and Yule (which I affectionately call Void Season) and I am so excited to spend three days with you deepening into the mystery of the Void with everyone’s favourite sorceress, Morgan le Fey.

If you are HELLS YES all in to do witchy Morgan stuff for free, you can sign up for that below!

In you wanna learn more about it, you can Click Here.

Sign up for our three-day free course, Walking the Void with Morgan le Fey!

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