Rockstar Mermaid Goddess: Be More Mermaid interview with Kris Oster

Welcome to the Be More Mermaid interview series! In celebration of the fact that Be More Mermaid is open for registration this week, I’m talking to some amazing people about how the mermaids have touched their lives.
See, I know what mermaids mean to me, but there are a million different mermaid folks out there, each with a very different slant on what mermaids are and different stories on how mermaids have transformed their lives.
Today we are chatting with one of my favourite mermaids on the planet, Kris Oster. Kris Oster uses her mermaidenly wiles to guide people to love their business more through her masterful, mystical branding and business coaching work. She loves to take people back to their mythic essence and shine in their work using magical and spiritual techniques and working with archetypes – she’s a true master of blending the spiritual with the business!
Her work is accessed at where you can see her deep dive coaching offerings, amazing mermaid support, and fantastic tarot readings – I recommend everything she creates whole heartedly.
She’s a powerful psychic, medium and channel, and has a deep deep connection to the mermaid realm. She is both the daughter of a rockstar and a mermaid priestess incarnate, so she’s like ermagerd my favourite person ever, and I am so happy to have her wise mystical words on Rockstar Priestess today!
What do mermaids mean to you?

Freedom. Sensual delight. Love. Sexy!

The freedom to go into the depths of myself and all of existence.

As a mermaid I don’t draw such sharp boundaries between “me” and the other.
This makes merfolk like you and I dangerous to most humanoids, who are unable to merge so easily with another. And this is our downfall. We can become so enmeshed that we can forget to detach our energy. This is essential as a mermaid – to love and connect deeply, and … to then detach and swim into our own spaces to rejuvenate and be ourselves in completeness and separateness.


What aspects of the mermaid archetype really resonate with you: how does the mermaid show up in your personality? (Here’s a list of some of their qualities: playfulness, seductiveness, independance, emotional intensity, femininity, shamelessness, shadow made real…)

The mermaid archetype shows up as both shadow and light, strength and vulnerability. Again, mermaids are fluid creatures of the watery realms. Sometimes we like to be admired, adored and desired, and other times we will hide from the world and stay amongst our own kind.

I would say that I’m everything on that list. The only attribute missing above is a natural melancholy that overtakes me so often. To be a part of life in such a deep, connective way means feeling all things deeply – love, joy, delight, and of course pain and suffering.

How do mermaids inspire you in your life?
I’m inspired to be my true self, even when I fear being rejected and abandoned … and believe me that happens a lot! I want to be as raw and truthful as possible. The mermaids inspire courage and an unrelenting passion for being in relationship with all things.


I often receive downloads of ideas for books, courses, ways to help others, and a knowing of specific people who need a helping hand. For example, sometimes I’ll just think of someone (a friend or family member or a client) and know that they need my help or compassion in some way. I just reach out with an email or phone call and they’ll tell me that it was perfect timing to hear from me!

My mer-friends consistently help me out with my own problems as well and always whisper good advice into my ear.

How have mermaids helped you in your life?
Well, see the answer above…and here’s my story of being saved by a mer.

When I was little, about 4 years old, I fell into the deep end of a pool with no one else around except my sweet dog Spokane. He was running around the pool barking like crazy and would keep sticking his nose and face in the water to see where I was.

He was trying to get the attention of the adults who were in the house and not noticing I was in a dangerous situation.

After sitting at the bottom of the pool I realized rather quickly I would have to save myself. I was strangely calm. I wasn’t panicking. I could feel another presence with me in the water. At the time I was too busy trying to think of a way out of my predicament to try and figure out who it was with me. But I felt protected.
After a bit, I noticed that where my dog was sticking his nose in the water was a small metal ladder attached to the side of the pool. I knew that if I could propel myself up from the bottom and reach out to grab the bottom rung that I could pull myself up and out of the water.
It worked obviously, LOL!!


What do you think that Mermaids have to offer womankind?

Oh, so much. During my own solitary rituals in my home temple and outdoors by the Pacific Ocean, they have told me that they are working with humans, both women and men, who have had connections to Lemuria and Atlantis. That they are actually entering our etheric fields to prepare us for a new time. As part of this preparation they are connecting our sacral and heart chakras into a stronger energetic cord – almost like an umbilical cord that runs from our heart, the passageway to the astral realm, to the creative center of our psyche-soma, aka the body-soul. I don’t think our souls are separate from our bodies.

Many women tell me they are attracted to mermaids which is why they come to work with me to heal their brands (which is really just an aspect of their own souls). I know so many women are called to work with you because of their love and fascination with mermaids.

I believe the mermaids are calling certain women to be in service to humankind for deep healing of sexual shame, to empower our sense of integrity and to bring about more unconditional love.
Kris’s work has really changed my life and my approach to my work, and she is a constant inspiration to me – I pimp her out every chance I get and could sing her praises all day long, AND I love her so much I am hosting a retreat with her in Glastonbury this autumn (!!!!) but if you would like to get a taste of Kris’s delicious ambrosia goodness RIGHT NOW and for FREESIES, she is offering you the first two chapters of her absolutely unbelievable magical book on business and branding, Return to Enchantment, for freeeeee via her website! Jump on over and get it here.
AAAAND if you are loving mermaids and want to work with them in your life, well whaddaya know? My signature mermaid e-course Be More Mermaid is open for registration until Wednesday 19th July – it’s six weeks of sea-soaked mermaid splendour, invoking the transformation of the mermaids in our lives in whatever mystical way we need right now, with a coven of mermaid sisters to support and cheer us on.
Click here to check out Be More Mermaid and see if it tempts you 🙂 

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