Rockstar Priestess is Supporting Sumatran Tigers

Supporting Sumatran Tigers with Flora and Fauna

March 21st, the charity I am supporting is Flora and Fauna and the project is protecting the world’s littlest tiger, the Sumatran Tiger.


At Rockstar Priestess I am dedicated to helping conserve the natural world, as quite honestly I am far more an animal person than a human person and would do pretty much anything to help a sad animal. And there are a lot of creatures in the world who could use a little help.

I’m not much of a jungle trekker, or a machine gun wielding guard, or a lobbyist, or a gate builder, so I like to help by raising as much money as I can for charity to help the people who can patrol the jungles, prosecute the poachers, create conservation zones and get local communities on board to ensure safety and a happy human-light life for wild animals.

A part of every sale made through Rockstar Priestess goes towards helping animals and conservation around the world. £5 from every Tarot Card or Lovers Tarot Card Portrait sold on the Etsy store goes towards animal conservation. 


I’ve been watching this amazing TV series called Tiger About The House over Christmas on the BBC iPlayer, and it’s just amazing. It follows this dude called Giles in Queensland Zoo in Australia as he hand raises two tiger cubs. His zoo has a very hands on approach with the animals, so the tigers get to hang out with the humans, and the humans can take the tigers on walks around the bush and the zoo so they don’t spend their whole life trapped in a cage not really interacting with anything.

You can watch the second series here if you are UK based! Clicky Here.Saving tigers


The dude’s main focus is creating buzz around tiger conservation in Sumatra, and getting funds to the guys out there to help protect the Tigers, and by extension the other creatures that live in the jungle.

Tigers are just so gobsmackingly beautiful, if any creature could possibly inspire humans to protect the jungles, it’s got to be tigers.

Fauna and Flora’s Sumatran Tiger project provides ranger patrols around the huge Kerinci Seblat National Park, one of the last tiger habitats in the world, and these rangers help keep poachers at bay and disassemble horrifying snare traps left to catch tigers so they can be sold on the black market for their skins and their other bits for Chinese medicine. Heartbreaking.

Once upon a time there were three different kinds of tigers living in Indonesia, and now there is only one left. There are only around 500 Sumatran tigers left in the world, so those rangers desperately need our help to keep the last tigers safe from douchebag humans.

If you want to help the tigers, please do DONATE to the project: Fauna and Flora is a really fab charity and they run the tiger patrols featured in the TV series. All money donated to the project through this link goes to the tiger project – it doesn’t get held up helping stingrays or helping Fauna and Flora employees pay their rent. Just goes straight to the tigers.
Or, you could order a mermaid tarot card! £5 from every Mermaid Tarot Card ordered (including the Lovers tarot cards) will be donated to Fauna and Flora to help keep tigers safe. 

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