What my Spiritual Practice looks like right now

Since I am peddling my Rockstar Priestess Practice course this month, I wanted to let you into my boudoir and let you take a sneaky peek at what my own personal practice looks like at the moment.

I’m a Priestess of Morgan le Fey, a Mermaid and a Venusian Witch, so that gives me a whole variety of greedy options to play with. My spiritual practice is the thing that keeps me sane every day – and when I go through periods of forgetting to do it, or being “too busy”, I feel it hard.

Truth time: I’m really not that disciplined. I have a lazy self-employed wakeup time, and I get really freaked out and intimidated by too much structure, so I like choices. I tend not to do much spiritual practice wise at the weekends, as I’m usually travelling and not at my home. If I’m not at home, I just don’t tend to get round to it. I’d like to change that, but I am happy with five days a week.

Spiritual Practice is the first thing I do every day, after my terrible habit of scrolling my Facebook feed on my phone in bed.

I rock up to my altar and light my candles. At the moment, my practice is divided between honouring Venusian energies and working with the goddess Rhiannon, and working with my patron Morgan le Fey and Avalonian energies. I usually end up picking either Venus or Morgan rather than doing them both. I don’t get round to doing them both on one day very often.

On a Venus day, I will light my red altar candle, burn some incense and say a prayer in offering to the Goddess. Often I will smudge myself. Usually I will play some beautiful music: sometimes as an offering to the Goddess, sometimes just to keep me focused and get in the temple vibe.

I might take my rose oil and anoint myself. Yum yum. Or I might smell some bottles of oil I have kicking about on my altar for kicks.

Then I will set a timer on my phone and go into Meditation Practice. At the moment, I like focusing on my womb space, and on breathing in delicious deep-red energy from the earth. It feels delicious. Sometimes I do other things. It changes a lot. Short attention span here.

Then, I will do my Rhiannon Practice. This year, I am doing a Priestess of Rhiannon training course in Glastonbury, so I will do my course homework by saying my prayers, calling in the many faces of the Goddess of Love and doing my Rhiannon Breath.

And usually, that’s it.

I’ll pop on over to my work desk, and often I will burn oils while I work, read my vision for what I want to create, or hold a crystal when I am feeling unfocused.

If I’m having a Morgan le Fey day, I’ll light the candles on my Morgan Altar and usually do a smudging. I might read a bit of Ariel Spilsbury’s Handbook for a Modern Priestess, as I find it super inspiring. I’ll say a prayer to Morgan and then launch into a nine minute Empty Presence meditation practice. I’ll say my prayers to Morgan, and sometimes I will draw a tarot card, sometimes I will ask for Her advice, or sometimes I will go on a guided meditation to hang our with Her.

I’ll usually do my Rhiannon Course homework afterwards, but sometimes I forget.

Sometimes in the day time or evening, there might be some spiritual work to be done: I might be working a course, or I might go for a walk, or get out my tarot cards, a ritual to perform or a circle to run. But not always.

For me, there has to be variation in my daily practice or I start to dread it. There has to be a clear energy dynamic: either enlivening and sexy and venusian, or violet-drenched avalonian yumminess. If it’s just misc oh-hey-I’m-slightly-spiritual-look-at-me-meditating I just can’t get into it. It needs drama and opulance, darling.

So that’s my spiritual practice. What do you do every day to keep connected?

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