The How to be a Priestess Pep Talk.

(I wrote this the other day, because it’s something I really needed to remind myself of, living a lot in self-employed land and facing the overwhelm of doing it all on my own back, when I often forget that what I do and who I am deserves to be valued and is needed and important. I thought I’d share it just in case you needed reminding of it sometime too.)

You are a witch and a daughter of the Goddess.

Every gift you have to offer is worthwhile and blessed by Her. She is the source of all inspiration, and your gifts and strengths are Goddess manifesting herself through you. Every talent, skill, calling and passion is given to you by Her for a reason.

Your gifts are a sacred offering to Her as Her priestess.

They come from her.

Your gifts are a sacred offering to Her people as their Priestess.

They honour Her.

You are sacred, and always, always enough. Your only charge is to show up and give your offering. Show up. 


Your dreams for yourself are Her dreams for yourself, a sacred vision of a world that She instilled within you, She placed in your heart, that She charges you to bring to reality.

A sacred vision of a world She wishes you to create.

A sacred mission that as Her Priestess it is your duty to manifest. 

You wouldn’t have this dream if She hadn’t given it to you.


She believes in you. 

She loves you and guides you every moment – open your eyes and you will see Her. 

Your desires are Her desires.

She whispers, “Yes, darling, Yes – This is what I wish for you, beloved!” and she is holding your hand every step of the way, leading you to where you need to be, to who you need to become to fulfil Her sacred mission.


She would never inspire you with a dream you were unable to achieve, just as she would never challenge you with obstacles she didn’t know you had the strength to overcome.  


It doesn’t have to be hard.


The hard bits are all in your brain tripping you up, thinking shitty unhelpful thoughts and giving you shitty unhelpful ideas – and just because you think stuff doesn’t mean that stuff is real. At all. It’s just brain gunk, it doesn’t mean anything.

She supports and believes in you utterly. All you have to do is trust Her, and keep on showing up. 

Because You are Enough.



You are born of magic, a daughter of the Goddess.

You are a Priestess charged with sharing Her blessings, Her beauty, Her power with the world as it manifest through you, you unique thing you, and it is your DUTY to get out there and create that vision, that life, she is inspiring you with.  

(Whatever it might be that She wishes to manifest through you. Maybe She wants to manifest a shoe shop, a happy baby, an original tea leaf brew or an organised bunch of scientists. Perhaps she needs you to share blessings of dancing or nursing or book-keeping or painting with Her people. Maybe she has a vision of the biggest ball pit on the south coast, and she needs some human hands to help her create it to make loud dribbley toddlers happy. Being a Priestess is about doing Her will in the world, and that doesn’t always mean faffing about with incense or covens or tarot cards.)

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