What does it mean to be a Priestess?

Good news everyone! This April I will be releasing a new e-course: Rockstar Priestess Practice, a 28 day guided devotional journey through the personal practices of the priestess and through embodying the priestess archetype.

My vision was to create something where you could read/watch the plan for the day on the toilet in the morning, and then just get to it in the rest of the day.

But you know, that got me thinking,

What is a Priestess?

I’ve been on this Priestess Path for so many years, and the definition of what a priestess is to me has changed and grown along the way.


Being a Priestess means:

… being a servant of the Goddess

… being a champion for women everywhere

… being a vessel for the energies of the divine

… being a witness to the sacred turns of the wheel of the year

… being an architect of beauty

… having a devoted, soulful relationship with the Goddess

… recognising you are never alone and inviting Her into every aspect of your life

… committing to be your truest self

… awakening your intuition and inner knowing

… being in devoted service, and standing up for your devotion.

I used to think being a Priestess had a very active definition and you had to be super obviously priestess: you know, wear the robes, lead a circle, have long conversations about the representation of women in celtic culture and spend masses of time researching ancient goddess cults. You had to be out there. Doing stuff. Making change. Holding positions of power.

It was a very masculine way of looking at it.

Thing is, being a Priestess is all about embodying the divine FEMININE, not the divine masculine! The feminine is about Being, not Doing.

Now I understand the role of a Priestess to be much subtler. It’s an energetic blueprint. A resonance you project into the world. It’s worth does not lie in how many ritual cloaks you have in your closet or how many people attended your last solstice right.

It lies in your own personal connection with the divine, and how you embody and connect with the Divine Feminine every day. How you seed Her presence in the world.

In my mind, the core, most profound meaning of what it is to be a Priestess is to be a Vessel for the Divine Feminine: to be Her hands, to do Her work, to honour Her in yourself and others.

And there is a myriad ways to do this – as many ways as there are people in the world! I serve her by keeping up a regular devotional practice, chatting to all you lovely folk here on Rockstar Priestess and making cool stuff for you, and by spreading beauty and enchantment through the world as a performer and a dance teacher.

Every part of my practice – the devotional practice and learning, the whole Rockstar Priestess gig, and the dancing performing bit – are as priestessfully important and valuable as each other.

Another person’s priestess service might be editing an online Women’s Aid newsletter, spreading calm at an IT firm, and caring for a bunch of rescue kitties.

Another person’s priestess service might be raising three boys to be powerful feminist men, and doing Goddess devotions in the shower.

Another person’s priestess service might be tending a beautiful home that resonates with the frequency of the goddess, and making delicious cakes.

All these examples are equally worthy. The point is, it’s not what you do, it’s what you do it FROM.

The core of being a Priestess is to be Her Vessel and to spread Her vibration through the world. Our practice is to embody the Divine Feminine as much as we can: do be our most wild, divine selves.

How do we do that?

We need to get to a place where we can hear Her whispered guidance, to a place where we can trust and act on our intuition, to a place where we feel connected with Her every day.

And that? We get there through daily practice.

FUN daily practice.

Daily practice that nourishes you, lifts you up, excites you, satisfies you.

Daily practice that exercises those long forgotten and passed over Feminine skills and superpowers.

And that’s what we are going to get up to in my upcoming course, Rockstar Priestess Practice. 

It’s a simple 28 day practice where we work over a moon cycle to learn and practice the basic skills of the priestess. To come together as a team and cheer each other on our path. To try out new skills and techniques and see what we enjoy.

And, because we are real-life priestesses and we don’t have endless hours a day to fit this stuff in, it’s all designed to be done within an average of 15 mins a day.

Huzzah! Powerful and bitesize.

I’ll be releasing more deets about the course next week – including a one off Early Bird Registration Day for my birthday celebrations (WOOHOOO!!!!!) but for now, make sure you are signed up to the Email List so you can be the first to know about it.

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