My Witchy Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming up – April 4th, woop woop! – and I wanted to share my birthday list with you.

Not as a hint. (Though…. ??? 😀 )

There is some HELLA cool stuff out there, so if you would like to peek at what spiritual stuff is on my birthday wishlist, have at it.
A Tiny Devotions Mala.

This is my “when I am rich” present. It’s a beautiful mala bead necklace with a big fuckoff gemstone at the bottom of it. I love it and I want one.

As ever, I am torn between Pink (lace agate) and Blue (Lapiz Lazuli).

I keep an eye out on eBay for them, because with shipping and import taxes, it’s too much for saving-up-my-cash-for-a-new-flat Demi.

I kinda decided though, that I want one NOW, so I bought a big pink tassel and I will be off to the  Bead shop  to buy 108 amazonian beads and some pink stringing thread to make my own. Boom! I’m a DIY mermaid through and through.

This rad course on Anointing at the Mystery School of the Goddess

You know, I got really into anointing last year. I have a couple of vials of hand blended oils (really nothing fancy) on my altars, and on my Venus altar I keep a small dish of sacred anointing oil there all the time, so when I am doing my morning temple practice (which I am totes going to tell you about, click here) or going to sleeps or just doing a quick “yo aphrodite” in the mirror, I can anoint myself.

I really really want to learn more about anointing. So I can’t wait to do this course. 

Tantra Aura Mist

A mate I stay with in Glastonbury has this always out on the little shrine in my bedroom and it is HEAVENLY. It smells earthy and sexy and rooted and magical: you can feel the energy of this blend. Guh.

I love aura mists: I like using them as an alternative to incense. When you are out on the road, you can’t always use insence, incense gets too cloying, you make a mess with it (well, I make a mess with it) and as much as I love the witchiness of loose insence, I really hate the overpowering smell of charcoal disks.

So I tend to bless myself, my rooms, my temple space, and other people when I’m out being priestessy with sprays. I love it.

Dame Darcy’s Mermaid Tarot.

This has been on my wishlist for foreverrrrrr. I should just get round to buying it, because….. well, just look at it. It’s an awesome, uniquely illustrated mermaid tarot deck.

I love Dame Darcy, I think she’s the bomb. You can get yours here. 

Witchy Magic by Lucy Cavendish

I have a kind of love Lucy’s work: something about it magnetises me and inspires me and lifts me upwards, I think it’s the love and reverence with which she talks about something she obviously loves so much. I’m not so keen with on how her books are structured, but I love to read her work in the bath, for an inspiring witchy read on the chill.

I’ve been cruising the Amazon Marketplace for a beat up copy of this book for a while.

One of those gold-dipped hipster Aqua Aura necklaces

Aqua Aura is my most favourite stone (of course it is, it’s outrageously expensive and that’s where my tastes always end up) – I love the high vibe energy that comes off that stone, and it can change my whole conciousness. And this is from someone who used to be a total crystal sceptic and needed a lot of convincing…. in the form of Aqua Aura Crystals.

So, I want one.

Some Irregular Choice Shoes

… alright. Not so witchy. But I want some beautiful turquoise shoes to…. write my blogposts in? Please?

… it will go with my Aura Necklace?

… and my Tiny Devotions mala? Really, it’s the essential ingredient that ties everything together.



So that’s my birthday wish list. What’s on yours?

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