My Witchy Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming up – April 4th, woop woop! – and I wanted to share my birthday list with you.

Not as a hint. (Though…. ??? 😀 )

There is some HELLA cool stuff out there, so if you would like to peek at what spiritual stuff is on my birthday wishlist, have at it.
A Tiny Devotions Mala.

This is my “when I am rich” present. It’s a beautiful mala bead necklace with a big fuckoff gemstone at the bottom of it. I love it and I want one.

As ever, I am torn between Pink (lace agate) and Blue (Lapiz Lazuli).

I keep an eye out on eBay for them, because with shipping and import taxes, it’s too much for saving-up-my-cash-for-a-new-flat Demi.

I kinda decided though, that I want one NOW, so I bought a big pink tassel and I will be off to the  Bead shop  to buy 108 amazonian beads and some pink stringing thread to make my own. Boom! I’m a DIY mermaid through and through.

This rad course on Anointing at the Mystery School of the Goddess

You know, I got really into anointing last year. I have a couple of vials of hand blended oils (really nothing fancy) on my altars, and on my Venus altar I keep a small dish of sacred anointing oil there all the time, so when I am doing my morning temple practice (which I am totes going to tell you about, click here) or going to sleeps or just doing a quick “yo aphrodite” in the mirror, I can anoint myself.

I really really want to learn more about anointing. So I can’t wait to do this course. 

Tantra Aura Mist

A mate I stay with in Glastonbury has this always out on the little shrine in my bedroom and it is HEAVENLY. It smells earthy and sexy and rooted and magical: you can feel the energy of this blend. Guh.

I love aura mists: I like using them as an alternative to incense. When you are out on the road, you can’t always use insence, incense gets too cloying, you make a mess with it (well, I make a mess with it) and as much as I love the witchiness of loose insence, I really hate the overpowering smell of charcoal disks.

So I tend to bless myself, my rooms, my temple space, and other people when I’m out being priestessy with sprays. I love it.

Dame Darcy’s Mermaid Tarot.

This has been on my wishlist for foreverrrrrr. I should just get round to buying it, because….. well, just look at it. It’s an awesome, uniquely illustrated mermaid tarot deck.

I love Dame Darcy, I think she’s the bomb. You can get yours here. 

Witchy Magic by Lucy Cavendish

I have a kind of love Lucy’s work: something about it magnetises me and inspires me and lifts me upwards, I think it’s the love and reverence with which she talks about something she obviously loves so much. I’m not so keen with on how her books are structured, but I love to read her work in the bath, for an inspiring witchy read on the chill.

I’ve been cruising the Amazon Marketplace for a beat up copy of this book for a while.

One of those gold-dipped hipster Aqua Aura necklaces

Aqua Aura is my most favourite stone (of course it is, it’s outrageously expensive and that’s where my tastes always end up) – I love the high vibe energy that comes off that stone, and it can change my whole conciousness. And this is from someone who used to be a total crystal sceptic and needed a lot of convincing…. in the form of Aqua Aura Crystals.

So, I want one.

Some Irregular Choice Shoes

… alright. Not so witchy. But I want some beautiful turquoise shoes to…. write my blogposts in? Please?

… it will go with my Aura Necklace?

… and my Tiny Devotions mala? Really, it’s the essential ingredient that ties everything together.



So that’s my birthday wish list. What’s on yours?

4 thoughts on “My Witchy Birthday Wishlist”

  1. I hope you had a happy and wonderful birthday! <3

    That Aqua Aura is so pretty! (Actually, all your wishlist items are, but wow those colors!) And I'm in love with those shoes! (And so many fun ones on their website – I couldn't decide on a favorite.) Shoes can totally be witchy…. if they make you feel glamorous well there's a bit of magic right there, plus you can put sigils in them, store them in a box with crystals, if they're water safe spray them with charged water, even enchant the shoes themselves. (Could also work with color magic or symbol magic – the meanings of the flowers depicted on them for example)….

    My birthday is coming up in May and I guess it's about time to figure out what to put on it. At the moment your Priestess course is the only thing on my mental wishlist, but the only person I could safely ask to buy it for me, well, my intuition is telling me that it's unlikely they would purchase it. (And I can't purchase it for myself because I checked this afternoon and I ran into the "you have to sign up for paypal" problem that I ran into when trying to sign up for your last mermaid course.) I'll probably end up putting various etsy finds on mine… Probaly some elf ears and jewelry.

  2. Happy (belated) Birthday, Demi!

    My birthday is April 30, and my wish list is all very mermaid-y!
    1. A gift card to my favorite seafood restaurant
    2. Your Mermaid Tarot Card offering, of which I already have in mind a complete design
    3. Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish

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