Enchantress Retreat 2018

9th and 10th June 2018

Glastonbury UK

I invite you to the mist-cloaked vale of Avalon to come on sacred pilgrimage with me to honour the Enchantress of Avalon, Morgan le Fey.

She who holds the keys to healing, to transformation, to wielding power wisely and honouring our desires – She who opens the gates to passionate living, wild love, and magical freedom.

She who walks the twilit hedgerows of Avalon and invites us at this luscious zenith of the year to be fully alive and embrace our passion!

Welcome to Rockstar Priestess’ Enchantress Retreat 2018!

This June we will be making pilgrimage to Glastonbury UK to honour the Avalonian Goddess Morgan le Fey in her aspect as the Enchantress: the elemental, passionate, curious sorceress who weaves Her life as Her sensual spell – and to awaken the spirit of the Enchantress within ourselves! We will be learning about Morgan le Fey, deepening into ritual with her, learning about her craft and performing wild ceremonies with our sister witches as we walk the sacred landscape of Avalon together.

We will be invoking our own inner Enchantress selves – the innocent, excited, sensual witch within – and committing to living like Morgana’s wild and free devotee-witches, daring to desire, daring to be pleasured, daring to be powerful.


Hi. I’m Demi Fox. I have been devoted to Morgan le Fey for over a decade, and have walked her path of transformation every day since then. Morgan has many different aspects – Witch, High Priestess, Queen, Initiatrix – and often She comes to me as the Lady of Avalon, wise and insightful, full of knowledge of herbs and life’s lessons, and swathed in violet and indigo silks.

In the last year however, another group of aspects of Morgan le Fey has been awakening to me.

The Enchantress. The Seductress. The Student. The Faerie Queen.

Having worked with Morgana as Mentor, High Priestess and Lady of Avalon, She has asked me to open up to Her wilder side. So much of Morgana’s legacy is bound with her brave and skilled use of magic, and with her connections to the Faeries and the elementals. This is another side of her energy – wild, sensual, innocent, sexual and ecstatic.

So this summer I want to bring together a coven of sister-enchantresses to connect deeply with Morgan le Fey in this aspect, and re-awaken the enchantress within ourselves. To re-wild. To run barefoot in the hills of Avalon, to drink deep of the water of the faerie springs, and dance to drumbeats on the Tor as the Sun sets.


Retreat Outline

Here is a guideline schedule of what we will be getting up to at our retreat – the schedule might shift and change depending on what Morgana tells me we need to do. She is sometimes slow at revealing herself!

Day 1: Saturday 9th June

We will meet our sisterhood at the beautiful Goddess Hall in Glastonbury at 10am. We gather in circle and connect with our sisters, and then spend the morning in deep devotional communion with Morgan le Fey – cementing our connection with Her this weekend through meditation, song, drumming and dance.

LUNCHTIME: I recommend getting a big lunch in, and bringing snacks for the afternoon!

In the afternoon and evening we will get to know Morgana in her Enchantress Archetype, and experience powerful ceremonies at the White Spring and/or Chalice Gardens (not decided yet!) to remove all blocks to experiencing the world as our Enchantress selves, and end the day with a wild walk up Glastonbury Tor as the sun sets. We will pray to Morgana in the Faery Woods, find ingredients for our Enchantress tool set, whisper our secret desires to Morgana and receive her Blessing.

Day 2: Sunday 10th June

10am – 6pm

Today begins with ecstatic DANCING embodying our Enchantress selves! Get ready for a day of mini rituals, learning about Morgan as Faery Queen, and discovering how to embody our Enchantress nature. We are all about spellcraft, witchery, and laughter today!

In the afternoon we get back out in the Landscape of Avalon, sinking deep into the energy of the earth, weaving our spells, writing in our Spellbooks (yes! we all get a spell book to personalise!)  and spending time our in Nature’s classroom – deepening into our truest desires and weaving magic to make them come true <3

NOTE: Retreat price doesn’t include accommodation or food: I can recommend some GREAT and affordable places to stay (and yummy places to eat too!).



The Enchantress Retreat is costs £120, and I have a maximum of 12 places available.

You can book your place by clicking Here.

If you need a part payment plan, get in touch,  and I will send out a list of recommended places to stay for everyone who registers, along with deets on how to get to Glastonbury!


Sign up for the ENCHANTRESS Retreat before the 1st May and you will also be registered for the  Morgan le Fey Summer Mystery School e-course!

Morgan le Fey Summer Mystery School spends one lunar month exploring the Goddess Morgan le Fey in her sacred aspects as Faery Queen, Enchantress, and Lover/Seductress. It starts the week after the Enchantress retreat, so you can keep immersing yourself in that luscious Avalonian Morgan energy all month long!

About your retreat facilitator

DEMI FOX is a Priestess of Morgan le Fey, has trained as a Sister of Avalon in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple Tradition, and works as a dancer, artist, teacher and Priestess. She is a skilled divine channel and ritualist, creating powerful ceremonies and invoking the energies of the Gods so others may feel them with ease. She has spent her life as an artist, dancer and mystic seeker, and has been featured as a Priestess on many online publications, including Rebelle Society and Elephant, and is a regular voice and contributor and Witch magazine.