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tarot-cards-blog-portraitMermaid Tarot Cards!

Handmade, personalised mermaid tarot card portraits to express your archetypal essence. Or just your mermaid baddassity. Both are great.


These are my favourite things to create in the whole wide world. Here are my latest ones, so you know the kinda stuff I am making right. now.


Er, only like the best thing ever.

It’s you, in a tarot card, as a mermaid. You choose the tarot card that suits you best, then we have a little email chat and you tell me the WHY you associate with that card, what you love about mermaids and share with me about your secret passion for expensive perfume and binging on vampire TV shows or whatever it is you love.

I do some serious Facebook stalking of you to get source images for my picture (or, if you are the wise few who are Facebook free, you email me some piccies) and then I create a totally unique, one-of-a-kind portrait of you as your archetypal self, spraying yourself with the most expensive perfume, vampire fangs akimbo, or whatever else your personal kinks might be. Dolphins. Roses. Sigils. Astrology. Whatevs.

No two are the same.

High Priestess. The Empress. The Hermit. The Chariot. Death.

I embellish it with as much gold and silver as I can get away with.

Because, fabulous.

Look how the silver shimmers…

I will include whatever you want. Your favourite flowers. Your astrological sign. Your obsession with unicorns and Wonder Woman. Your work as a Tarot Reader. Your celtic spiritual lineage. How much you wish you could bang Hugh Jackman. If it’s important to you, I’ll get it in there.

And then I will adorn it with gilded gold and silver, because, mermaids.


A beautiful, unique, fucking fabulous present for yourself (or, I guess for a friend, you nice person you) to honour how deeply magical and fucking badass you are.



“OMG! There are no words to show my appreciation. The whole process was smooth and she consulted me along the way and made adjustments as necessary. Such a pleasure to deal with and a beautiful custom card at the end, who could ask for more!” Shawna, Happy Mermaid

“Oh my goodness, it’s so fabulous! I love every bit about it! Thank you so much!” Andrea, Worldly Mermaid

“It’s gorgeous!! Yay! Seriously. Can’t. Stop. Staring.” Melanie, Magician Mermaid

“My heart is just radiating, I can’t stop smiling as I stare! I am in love. It’s our wedding kiss isn’t it!?” Amanda, Lover Mermaid

“Ooooooh! I love it. You are so talented, you big gorgeous mermaid!” Kris Oster, the Original Lover Mermaid

photo (99)


Death GalleryI AM OPEN TO EXPERIMENTATION (wink wink)

Dude, lets PLAY. I promise something utterly unique and brilliant for you.

Want me to show off all your proud ink? Tattooed mermaids are my faves.

Want a sexy portrait of you and your lover? Lets do it.

Want to, I dunno, NOT BE A MERMAID?!?!?!!!! ….. Yeah. Do it. I will admit, I am craving a little leg action after years of carefully scaling tails.

I love flirting with a darker, more sonic feel in my cards these days, and I am just ITCHING to be able to create some portraits for the darker cards in the deck – so if you are after a Death Card (perfect for a Scorpio having a phoenix moment like me, cough cough), a Hermit (just EMBRACE IT my hermit friends), or a seriously arcane and fucked up Magician card, BRING IT.



  • Size: It is carefully cut 6″ by 4″ if you go by old school measurements. The same size as a very large oracle card, and also, perfect photo frame size! So, low hassle framing. Mermaids are lazy that way.
  • Cards are painted front AND back. Just like a real tarot card – the Major Arcana portrait picture on one side, and a carefully illustrated card back on the other, reflecting the archetype you chose. So a High Priestess might have a pomegranate on the back, the Magician the four elements, and Death a fish skeleton.
  • Made out of: Card + ink pen + gold or silver ink + occasional watercolour bits depending on whether I get colour greedy and think you need a splash of red or purple.
  • Cards take a few weeks to make. It’s art darling, so it works on a flexible timeline, but expect your card to land on your doorstop within a month-ish.
  • No Refunds or Takebacksies. I spend literally hours and hours individually making each one of these, totally personalised, and I check in with you at three points along the way, so no refunds. I show you pics of the card every step of the way you you can make sure you like it and can suggest changes, so I know you will be as happy with it as possible.
  • I send it to you in a little hardback blue envelope in a protective sheath, and usually I chuck some glitter in there too and a handwritten note for extra hippy surprise.

 3 mermaid cards2

£75 including shipping*

(Go on! Take advantage of my imploding economy here in Britain, you clever international bastards, and DO IT!)

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*to Europe, Australia, and America. A few places in the world have weird shipping rules or crazy high charges, so if you are not from Europe, Oz or America, we are still probably all good but I will need to check it. Worst case scenario, I will need to add a pound or two to cover shipping. So it’s not that bad.


So you have an insight into how the process works and how special and unique each card is, here are a couple of my most recent cards (so you can see how my style is morphing). These were BOTH Star cards, which are always very popular, but as you see, there is no cookie-cutter star card – everyone is an individual!

This beauty was for a lady who loved trees and wanted to remind herself to let her inner light shine.

So I drew her in a cocoon of willow tree branches, with
a hand on her shining heart and another hand pouring out her gifts into the world.

When I sent it for drafts, she had a couple little edits she wanted me to make (as everyone does) so I perfected it for her and sent the draft image back to be approved ready for inking. Yay!


img_20160727_100413Afterwards, I coloured in the trees in green,
because green and gold look AMAZING and was a perfect earthy combo for this Gaia Mama.

“Hi Demi, my card arrived yesterday. It is so wonderful! Thank you so much for all the care, attention and understanding – not to mention incredible talent – that you put into it.” From Anna the Badass Willow Mermaid





I love this card. As soon as I read Nirmala’s description of what the Star meant to her, I KNEW what it had to look like. She spoke of a magical time she spent in the beach, by the luscious mountains of Brazil, watching the stars and feeling perfectly at bliss with the whole world.

I love playing with darkness and light in my pen drawings nowadays, creating more shadow so the light can shine out in contrast. I wanted an inky, textured night sky.

As always, Nirmala had some corrections – More Boobs! being one (I always err on the side of less boobs and nipples, just in case, but you mermaid peeps are so freaking proud of your wild sexy bodies) and I got to inking.

img_20160707_114020This one has silver accents: you can’t really tell from the photos, hurriedly taken on a porch in San Fransisco, but the lettering, the star and the border are all in a delicious silver.

Here is a piccie of the first Draft I sent Nirmala: When she got her finished card, it took up proud residence on her Altar.

“I love my Star! Thank you!!!!!!!” Nirmala the Sexy Goddess




I am. Here is a little video of me talking about making my tarot cards back in the early days of 2014. I guess you could call it Vintage Rocky P.

P.S. Look, I know you don’t neeeeeed a mermaid tarot card, but you want one, right? You want to put it on your altar in a gilded frame, surrounded by fresh roses and mantras about how fabulous you are. You want to keep it on your bedside table, so your mermaid essence is the first thing you see every morning. You want to put it pride of place on the mantlepiece, so you can show it off to all your friends who come a-calling. So what are you waiting for? I ain’t got a lot of space or time to do these these days, so take advantage!

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