Working With the Priestess Archetype

The Priestess Archetype is the energy of stillness, presence, open heartedness and love. Archetypically, the Priestess is the Vessel of the Divine: an overflowing chalice of divine love, ready to shine out and saturate the everyday human world.

You don’t have to be an actual bonafide practicing real-world Priestess to work with the Priestess archetype, however!

Just like you don’t need to be an actual real-life Queen to work with the Queen archetype, or an old-school hermetic Magician to work with the Magician archetype.

The Priestess Archetype has so much to teach us regular every day humans about connecting to the divine.

She can teach us the path to peaceful presence. She teaches us how the gateway to the divine is in the here and how – in the ecstatic, delicious present moment.

She teaches us the gentle necessity of focused discipline.

She shows us the hallowed beauty of lived divinity. As the archetype of feminine presence and spirituality, she guides us to truly embody our physical body – our sensual, alive all-human bodies – and seek wisdom by deepening into our physicality, rather than escaping from it.

The Priestess directs us to hold our spiritual practice and experience as a high priority. She asks us to take care of our energetic bodies, and to value our spiritual practice as an absolutely essential part of our lives.

And lastly, the Priestess encourage us to always, always, come back to the Divine – to relax in the lap of the Goddess, to surrender to the bliss of divine presence, to listen to God’s whisperings.

Her watchwords are Love and Devotion.

This archetypical energy can infuse our spiritual practice with ease, peace and love. The arts of the Priestess are the arts of devotion; of deep, deep love and commitment to something beautiful and wonderful.

We can apply the devotional archetype of the priestess in lots of ways, not just in spiritual seeking: a dancer can apply her priestessly devotion to her practice, focusing on being present, cultivating beauty and feeling a deep love for her craft: a lover can hold that priestess devotion also, holding her Beloved in deep presence and love.

Basically, anything we love and are devoted to can bear the hallmark of the Priestess Archetype: anything where we are committed to something for the love of the thing. That’s what devotion is.

In our spiritual practice, we can embrace this also – surprise surprise, the archetype of the Priestess is just MADE for spiritual devotion!

The Priestess reminds us to focus on Presence, Love and Joy in our spiritual practice;:to open up to the bliss of Divine Presence and be present with What Is. She reminds us to include our delicious human senses in our practices, and to honour the feminine gifts of Beauty, Stillness and Receptivity. She invites us to Surrender to God, and relax into her delicious, loving presence.

This is why in my e-course, Rockstar Priestess Practice, we focus on the archetype of the Priestess and learn her skills and arts. Not because it’s a course that trains you to be a Priestess, but because Her skills and arts are essential to creating a delicious spiritual practice soaked in the presence of Goddess… which is what we desire most, right?

We learn the Priestess’ loving skills of presence, of seducing the senses, of cultivating beauty, of introducing pleasure and fun into our practice. We learn her arts of compassion and deep, deep love – for ourselves, for the divine. We let go of rigid, tired, stoic ideas of what it means to be a spiritual person and let go into Her flow, reshaping and recreating what it looks like to love the Goddess.

If you’d like to join us for this exploration of the Priestess Archetype, I’d love to invite you to join us for our next Rockstar Priestess Practice adventure: registration is open till Monday 5th February 2018, and the course starts with the third quarter moon on the 7th February 2018.

You can check out the course Here – but if you missed it, don’t worry, I run it once or twice every year 😀 you can sign up for my mailing list so you don’t miss it next time around!

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