Hey! My name is Demi. Welcome to my world.

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I am a witch, a mermaid, an artist, a staunch lover of peanut butter and a Priestess of the Goddess.

I started my witchy adventure at 13, reading an article in a magazine about witchraft, and hungrily starting searching for anything goddessy and devotional I could find. I always dreamed of being a priestess, but never felt like I was really up to it – I didn’t have the right personality, or skills, or patience, or calm demeanour, or ability to follow rules, or something. It took me such a long time to realise that being a Priestess can mean so many different things, and that Goddess needs so many different kinds of priestesses – healer priestesses, activist priestesses, artist priestesses, priestesses that make people laugh, best friend priestesses and stealth priestesses – and I spent such a long, long time thinking I wasn’t good enough, before I saw that really, I was and I always had been.

Untitled-1I live and love mermaids. ERMAGERD Mermaids! To me, the archetype of the mermaid is the perfect expression of the Wild Feminine Divine, the limitless, free and passionate side of the Goddess, and I am dedicated to learning more about them and sharing mermaid-inspired spirituality with the world. I did a degree in Fine Art with Art History by the ocean, but nowadays I am exclusively interested in painting goddesses and mermaids, and paint popular Mermaid Tarot Card Portraits and occasional larger sexier technicolour mermaid portraits of peeps.

I live in smartypants Cambridge in magical England. By day (or evening really) I work totally self employed as a dance teacher and performer and run a company as a professional mermaid. It’s all hustle hustle hustle. Somewhere in between I am a witch and a goddess nut, always committed to training as best I can to be a Priestess of the Goddess – spending time in research, prayer, meditation, walking the land, making art and working with my mentors.

I don’t do anything unless I am passionate about it.

Witchy picsI’m one of those uber creative types who is incredible at making loads of cool stuff – painting, dancing, sewing, you name it – but is a bit pants at the regular skills that get you places in the normal world, like counting money, looking for errors on spreadsheets, and sitting at a computer all day.

I dig mermaids, dancing, Britney Spears (shhh), lizards, the ocean, Charmed, incense, getting flowers and comics.

I’m very excitable, and I always try to see the good stuff in every moment. I don’t always manage it, or remember to, but I did say try.

Important Facts about Me:

  • If I had to be either a vampire or a werewolf, I’d be werewolf. Obviously.
  • My superpower is knowing what time it is – I have an uncannily accurate internal clock.
  • I didn’t like glitter when I was younger, I thought it was tacky and awful. How wrong was I.
  • I was never baptised, so when I die, rumour has it that I will have to ride with the faery rade for all eternity. Oh well.
  • My favourite colour is pink, followed by green & turquoise and all the other colours.
  • My white whale is never believing I am quite good enough.
  • My favourite movies include How To Train Your Dragon and Puss in Boots.
  • I freakin’ love Halloween

demi inna cornfieldAbout Rockstar Priestess

I’ve been a serial journalist since I’ve been a teenager, and a while back I decided to take it to the web to tell my story to friendly strangers everywhere.

Here I write about spirituality and stuff. This is some of the key things I am into.

  • I’ve super mega interested in the devotional aspects of Goddess Spirituality and witchcraft, and try my best to cultivate what I call Priestessfulness in my life, which is bringing the Goddess/Divine into my every day life.
  • I read crap-tons, and a lot of the crap gets filtered through my brain and is thought about here on the blog.
  • I freakin’ love mermaids, and find them a huge inspiration. Mermaids rock. Word.
  • I love Avalon – the mythology, the goddesses, the archetypes, the Glastonbury landscape- and am a huge fan of the work of Kathy Jones.
  • And of Franchesca de Grandis, she’s my homegirl and makes my soul happy.
  • I believe Witch is a doing word – I don’t believe you can be a witch if you don’t actually practice the craft. It’s not a set of beliefs, or a thought about who you are. It’s all about action, baby.
  • Gimmie something about faeries, folklore, or faerytales, and I am hooked. 

You probably won’t like, or agree with, everything I say, but then I’d be creeped out if you did. Stalker!

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