Work with me

Let’s play. I run a whole bunch of juicy courses, events and one-on-one options to initate you into the sacred, to bring you joy in your spirituality, and to retreat out of time to a place where the Ancient Priestess Within can be heard again. Check out what’s going on below.



These courses run a couple of times every year: sign up to the email list by clicking here to be notified when registration opens for these bad boys… 

Be More Mermaid

My stellar six week mermaid e-course in rocking the Mermaid Archetype. Align with the mermaids, invite them into your life and let yourself feel free. I run this a couple of times a year.

Rockstar Priestess Practice

A serene 28 day spiritual practice for folks getting to know their own inner priestess, establishing a daily spiritual practice in a grounded, shame-free way, and exploring the priestess archetype. It’s simple, powerful, low stress and super badass.



Retreats and workshops up and down the UK: from immersive ritual retreats in the heard of the sacred landscape of Avalon, to day-long devotional temples in London, Cambridge, and Glastonbury. 

Spellbound: A Bewitching Biz Retreat in Avalon

This is our divine weekend offering, marrying business with ritual and catalysing powerful change and shifts through ceremony in one of the most sacred landscapes in the world, Glastonbury Avalon.

Join crackerjack business coach and branding maven Kris Oster and my priestessy self for 2-3 day retreat to nourish the vision of your business, step up as Queen, and re-frame the way you work.

This event creates sacred shifts and changes everything.. if you are willing to open to the powerful energies of Avalon and step up and be visible as your rose-queen self. Will you take up the crown?

Our next Spellbound retreat will be in September 2018: click here to sign up to the waiting list.

Devotion Day Retreat

Imagine a day out of time to sit in temple with the Goddess: to be anointed with the holy oils, to sit within beauty, to move and connect with your sisters, a holy day where there is nothing to do other than Honour the Goddess. 

A Devotion Day Retreat is a day of meditation, ritual, beauty and song: a day of pure devotion and surrender to the Goddess, a day of sequestering in temple as a Sacred Sister, a Priestess, a Vestal Guardian holding the flame of the Great Goddess.

In this day retreat we embrace the priestessing skills of the Feminine: to be still, to not know, to move in the body, and to experience Her ecstasy.

The first Devotion Day Retreat will happen in Glastonbury Avalon in January/ February 2018, and the second in April/May 2018. Sign up to the email list to learn more when info becomes available.