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I’d love to invite you to join my mailing list, where you’ll receive regular love letters and inspiration about Goddess Spirituality, Avalon and Mermaid Magic… AND you’ll also get my gorgeous 15 Minute Mermaid Transformation Kit, instantly, and for freeeee!

  • The 15 Minute Mermaid Transformation kit is perfect for peeps who want to learn a little more about mermaid spirituality and connect with the mermaids but have only got a little bit of time to do it!
  • We have an E-Book full of gorgeous info about the mermaids and mermaid spirituality…
  • ..AND a beautiful 15 Minute Mermaid Meditation, to transport you to a beautiful sacred lagoon to immerse yourself in the liberating energy of the mermaids.



So what are you waiting for? Sign up and get your mermaid goodies right now!


What you get… 

An MP3 Download Meditation

It’s like your own mini mermaid retreat. A 15 minute guided meditation to chill you out, bring you back to your centre and access your own mermaid wisdom on the fly.

A Mermaid Transformation E-book

Packed with must-know info about what mermaid spirituality is, the values and traits of the Mermaid Archetype, and some deep dive exercises to get you truly connecting with your own inner mermaid.

Subscription to the Rockstar Priestess E-zine

You’ll be joining our community of sacred rockstars, hip witches and modern goddesses who get fortnightly downloads of personal experiences and spiritual awesome from the Rockstar Priestess newsletter.

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Ready to get in touch with your inner bad-ass mermaid?

See you on the flip side,

Demi xxxxx

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