7 Magical Traits of Mermaid Women

7-magiacl-traits-of-mermaid-womenThe seductive archetype of the mermaid is exerting a powerful force on the world at the moment. More and more Mermaid Women are coming out of hiding. These strong, magnificent women are different to the humans around them – you can tell by meeting them, talking with them, finding out who they are that they do not quite fit in with everyone else around them.

There is something magical about these Mermaid Women.

Do you think you might be a mermaid masquerading as a human? Have a look at the 7 traits below.

1. Passionate Feelings.

The Mermaid Woman is an emotional being – she interacts with the world through her feelings, not her thoughts. She feels emotions with her whole being.

Too often great feeling has been demonised as weak, as submissive, as ineffective – not true! Mermaid women see the world through the lens of their feelings and senses, and as a result, they love with all they have: react in bliss to the beauty of a sunset: cherish the touch of soft cashmere on their skin: remember the exact moment where they fell in love for the first time. She doesn’t do things in half measures.

A Mermaid Woman enthusiastically loves with her whole heart and soul but, like the ocean, when things get bad they get tempestuous.

Other humans may read her powerful feelings as overwhelming or too intense, and may not be able to handle the strength of her feelings – be that love, or fear, or anger. Mermaids are the very spirit of the powerful ocean: they are overwhelming and intense at times. 

2. Intense Presence.

A Mermaid Woman has a particular aura about her. Her emotional energy is powerful, beautiful and intense: she has strong presence and can broadcast far and wide like a lighthouse.

It doesn’t matter if the Mermaid Woman is very expressive of her emotions, or if she carefully hides them inside, her presence is always palpable. This can lead to other humans feeling like the magical Mermaid Woman is too much.

Like the legendary Morgan le Fey, the mermaid woman emanates an unusual energy signature that other humans pick up upon. Perhaps she radiates great sensuality, mystery or charisma: perhaps her emotions transmit far and wide, or maybe she carries the subtle, beguiling fragrance of something unusual and otherworldly. She maybe very expressive of her emotions, or she may keep them inside, but there is something about her that signals she has them.

3. Sacred Introversion.

If you are a Mermaid Woman, it is likely that a large part of you is turned inwards towards the secrets your soul hides deep within. Mermaid Women have an intense relationship with their inner landscape, with the play of their feelings, with their deepest thoughts and secretive desires. They may rely on their intuition or their Heart’s Knowing to make decisions.

One of the mermaid’s most sacred tools is the Mirror, enabling them to see what is reflected and what is really true, and many Mermaid Women work with the mirror unconsciously in their inner practice and journalling habits – peeling back the layers to learn what is beneath, what is true, what is really desired. This Persephone aspect of the Mermaid Woman is the source of their wisdom.

4. Glorious Paradox.

Mermaid Women are… very confusing. As beings of the Wild Feminine Divine, they are creatures of beautiful contradiction and wondrous paradox. They can be one thing, yet at the same time, be it’s complete opposite. Sweet and childlike, but wise and Queenly. Ravishingly sexual yet pure and innocent. Extroverted and introverted. They can hold two contradicting emotions or beliefs at once, with ease. Mermaid women are shapeshifters, able to embody all sides of the All at all times.

5. Beauty Devotees.

Mermaids crave beauty. It feeds them. They see beauty as the highest path to the divine, and wish to devour it, to drink it in fully, to drown themselves in beauty and elegance. It speaks to their deep feelings and emotions, connecting them with all that is wonderful about being incarnated in the world.

6. Pleasure Seekers.

Mermaid Women are incredibly sensual, rooted in their bodies and their experience in the physical world. They are in many ways concerned with the physicality of the earthly realm. They love to interact with the human realm through their bodies, and crave pleasure and luxuriance – sometimes at the cost of all other things, if their wild mermaid nature is allowed to run unchecked. This exquisite sensuality often alarms and fascinates the humans around them in equal measure.

Mermaid Women are motivated by pleasure and desire. You can’t force a Mermaid Woman to do what she doesn’t want to do.

Often, Mermaid Women have a secret, forbidden belief that luxuriance is their birthright, and that they should be able to lounge on the beach on a bed of sweet jasmine, sipping exotic cocktails and enjoying the delicious feeling of the sun on their skin while wealth is drawn effortlessly towards them. There is often a huge disconnect when the mermaid sees that the human world doesn’t support this world view, and the mermaid woman feels a huge disconnect as she isn’t shown how to integrate her sensual mermaid nature with the world around her. However, because of their mermaid gifts, mermaid women have the potential to be unbelievable manifestors.

7. Alienated in the human world.

Mermaid women often feel like they don’t fit in with other humans. Something about human culture feels off, and their sensitive, emotional nature is often overwhelmed by current events and human drama. Mermaids despise limitation and crave freedom, and feel oppressed in a world that is constantly telling them what they can and cannot be, what they should and should not become.

Mermaid women often pick offbeat careers and choose unusual lifestyles. Their visionary and fiercely independent nature lends well to entrepreneurial careers, spiritual paths and ways of life that their family circle often think of as quirky, strange, or not respectable.

Mermaid Women are not interested in the grind, and are disgusted with the way that the other humans work themselves to death, failing to look inward and discover their true desires and passions. They pursue meaning rather than money.


These traits are familiar to all mermaid women: however, some traits may be locked in the shadow realm and these mermaids struggle to align their wild mermaid natures with the world around them.

Perhaps a mermaid woman’s alienation with the human world and love of beauty manifests in it’s shadow form as laziness and blaming others, or perhaps she has been shamed into numbing out and cutting off her connection to her intense presence, emotional depth and inner knowing in order fit in with the humans around her.

The Mermaid is everything that has been denied and demonised about women, and Mermaid Women today are healing those ancient wounds so that they can stand strong as powerful, feminine forces in the world.

Mermaid Women are arising again: these powerful, sensual women who wield the power of desire, the taste of beauty, and the gift of emotion.

Are you a Mermaid Woman?


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