7 Simple Ways to Celebrate Imbolg

At this time of year, us witchy goddessy folk celebrate Imbolg on February 2nd here in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the festival of renewal, rebirth and purification, and one of the four great neolithic Fire Festivals in the pagan calendar.

At Imbolg we celebrate the coming of spring and the Goddess as Maiden, with her qualities of inspiration, innocence, curiosity and purity.

Low on ideas of how to celebrate Imbolg Season? Never fear my witchy amigo! Here are 7 fab ways to celebrate the season this Imbolg.

  1. Purification Ritual

Making washes is my current favourite thing. Pop a litre of water on the boil with a handful of rosemary, dill, chamomile and lavender (or which ever ones you can get a hold of at such short notice) and a sprinkle of salt. Let the concoction simmer away for a while as the water imbibes itself with the herbs.

When the concoction has cooled somewhat, strain it and take a shower. Light a white candle in your bathroom and dedicate it to Brigid: imagine her purifying energy emanating from the candle. Imagine that the shower is a cascade of soothing, cleansing white light, and see it cleansing your body, mind and energy field.

When you are all clean and fresh, pour the concoction over yourself, and air dry as much as you can (I know it’s super cold in February, but at least air dry a bit!).

Dress in white and walk yourself outside to a garden, or pop your head out of a windowsill: stamp three times on the earth to awaken the energies of the earth at this time, and lay down an offering (cornmeal, white flowers, willow twigs, milk… anything to honour the Goddess) and ask for her blessing for the year ahead.

2. Go on pilgrimage to water. 

Put your wellies on and go on pilgrimage to your nearest fresh water. The goddess of Imbolg, Brighid, is the Goddess of wells, so on your journey pray for the healing energy of Brigid to enter your life, or the life of someone you love. Leave an offering of flowers, leaves or twigs in the water when you get there.

3. Light up the night

At night, light a candle in the window to honour and give energy to the return of the sun. Spend time in meditation contemplating the quickening energy of this time of year.

4. Proof of spring photobomb spree

Take your camera phone out on a walk and take photos of all the proof that Spring is on it’s way – blossoms on the trees, crocuses peeking out through the earth. Upload them to instagram and tag them @RockstarPriestess #ImbolgProof so we can have a peek at how Spring is beginning where you are in the world.

5. Make a Bridie Eye

Bridie’s Eyes are symbols of protection. Traditionally they would be made on Imbolg and then gifted to friends and family to protect them and bring prosperity through the coming year.

The only online tutorial I found calls it a Gods Eye – but it’s the same technique. I would recommend popping outside and finding two twigs to form the cross of your eye with – ideally, two willow twigs, the tree of Bridget and the tree of Healing – and use white and green yarn.

See it here.

6. Swot up about Brigid

Brigid is the ancient Irish triple goddess of healing, poetry, inspiration and smith craft. She was such a beloved figure to the Irish people that she was canonised as a saint by the Catholic Church. She is a powerful and fascinating goddess: You can read up about her here: http://www.brighid.org.uk/goddess.html

7. Write poetry, prayers and songs

This is a time of the Goddess of innocence and inspiration. Write poems and prayers in honour off the season, of the Goddess, of whatever you are going through at the moment in your life, and channel the inspiration of the goddess.

Feel welcome to share yours in the comments below – I would love to see them!

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