What is a Mystery School?

Whenever we are talking Goddess stuff, witchy stuff, or about soaking up all that magical esoteric delicious knowledge, we have a phrase that pops up.

Mystery School.

Sounds exciting and… well mysterious, right? Like it’s a carved old oak door set in a thousand year old stone house that you reach through a misty pathway in an enchanted forest, and inside an old wise woman will teach you to read the stars and the secrets of the universe….

… or it just sounds like excellent marketing.

But why do us witchy lot refer to the Mystery so much?

What is the Mystery?

Well, lets be real.

A Mystery refers to the deepest secrets of our pathway as priestesses, witches, magicians, mystics and devotees.

But it’s not a secret. You can’t read about it and get it. It’s not like your mate Jenna whispering to you in high school that Natalie let Josh feel her boob behind the bike sheds yesterday. It’s not something you can know with your mind; it’s not information to consume and then share out with people.

A Mystery is something you have to experience. Without the experience, you haven’t gained the knowledge.

It’s in the DOING, in the BEING.

So a Mystery School has a LOT of practical work you are expected to do – you can’t learn this stuff by reading about it, which is weird because that’s the way we have been taught to learn about stuff, right? Read lots, thus you know lots.

But in a Mystery School you are taught the things you cannot learn by reading alone. You are taught the deeper truth, you learn to KNOW with your whole heart. Whole heart knowing and brain knowing? Two totally different things.

You are asked to open yourself up and trust your own experiences and intuitions – it’s your journey, your guide cannot take it for you!

For example, in my Morgan le Fey Mystery School I go wild with giving you tonnes of meditations, rituals, concepts, mini energy practices for you to do and try out and experience and report back on: because the only way you will know Morgan le Fey is through direct experience. I can tell you all I know about Her, but without direct, personal experience with Her Mystery, you are never going to Know her. You will never make that shift: you will be unable to open up to the transformation devotion to Her offers because you haven’t truly opened your heart to her.

The path of a mystic is a path of mystery: of dancing with the divine, of uncovering deep truth, of feeling breathless love and the energy of the divine coursing through you.

See all those verbs in there? You have to dance the path yourself.

Have you ever been in a mystery school? Does the idea of being a part of one thrill you with magic and excitement? Let me know in the comments!

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