Mermaid Hair, Don’t Care: Mermaid Interview with Pamela Chen!

Welcome to the Be More Mermaid interview series! In celebration of the fact that Be More Mermaid is open for registration this week, I’m talking to some amazing people about how the mermaids have touched their lives.
See, I know what mermaids mean to me, but there are a million different mermaid folks out there, each with a very different slant on what mermaids are and different stories on how mermaids have transformed their lives.
Today we welcome the darling Pamela Chen, one of the crystal-curating badass behind Luna Prosperity (Pam’s online crystal boutique and by far one of my favourite Instagram accounts) and psychic, tarot-reading mermaid extraordinaire to boot. She lives America’s top party town Las Vegas with her adorable budgie George.
She’s here today to share with us her own powerful journey with mermaids.
What do mermaids mean to you?
First of all, mermaids totally remind me of Ariel in The Little Mermaid because she was the first mermaid that I’ve seen and instantly fell in love. To me they are part fairy and love to explore the ocean and go on new adventures. They are sensual, beautiful, sirens of the sea, and ruler of the unconscious and dreams.
What aspects of the mermaid archetype really resonate with you: how does the mermaid show up in your personality?

I totally resonate with the playfulness, independence, and the adventurous side of the mermaid archetype! I love to just play everyday. When you play at work, at home, anywhere it will make you happy! I find that spark or something that makes me happy to be here in the present. If nothing makes me happy I create something

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to make me happy! I am definitely independent, I may seem pretty outgoing to most people, but really I just want to chill at home by myself and work on my business. I moved out at 16 years old and have been taking care of myself even before I moved out so being independent is second nature for me. I love learning new things and going on new adventures, whether its in real life or my dreams, both gives me an adrenaline rush when I discover something new! Like that magical AHA moments in life.

How have mermaids inspired you in your life?
Mermaids inspire me to have mermaid hair! I love the gorgeous long wavy mermaid hair. It symbolizes to me a way to express myself and be who I want to be by changing my hair all the time. The beautiful hair also symbolizes abundant flow of positive energy coming into me. When I have my mermaid hair, I feel more confident and creative, feeling super authentic because that’s who I am.
Have mermaids lead you through a transformation in your life?
Mermaids have really helped me learn how to love my body. For a long time I had lots of body issues, always thinking I’m too fat or unattractive and not doing anything about it. Tapping into the mermaid energy made me first start to appreciate my body and love who I am right now. Then I channeled the energies of the mermaid everyday (like how beautiful and sensual they are) until I really felt that was who I am! I think this did take 3 months until I felt happy with myself. Once I was able to do so, I started to make progress with my weight and was satisfied with my “looks”.
What do you think mermaids have to offer us?
I think mermaids can offer woman kind a loving Goddess energy. To show us that we are powerful and magical, but we can be feminine as well. Teaching us how to balance our energies and emotions. We all are Goddesses and mermaids, we all have magic within us that we can tap into and manifest what we want in life. We create our own universe and the life that we live. Mermaids can show us not to be afraid of this and claim our magical rights!
If you are loving mermaids and want to work with them in your life, well whaddaya know? My signature mermaid e-course Be More Mermaid is open for registration until Wednesday 19th July – it’s six weeks of sea-soaked mermaid splendour, invoking the transformation of the mermaids in our lives in whatever mystical way we need right now, with a coven of mermaid sisters to support and cheer us on.
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